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Last Saturday I went quite around and about. First of I went with my sister to a book fair, which was fun but a bit disappointing. A lot of books. Mostly the same. Although I've got four new books to add to my reading list. So, ya know, not all has been lost. Also, at the book event, there were benches missing their sitting. And not just one, but ALL of them. Very weird indeed. *strokes imaginary mustache* Also lovely weather...

When we got home we -mum, dad and I- immediately left again (after a short tea break that is. We're only human!) and headed off to go to Bataviastad.

Bataviastad lays right next to the Batavia shipyard where a replica of a 1628 VOC ship named Batavia lays, which in extent my niece has helpt build. However, Bataviastad isn't a shipyard but a place where a lot of stores have their fashion outlet. Stores like Hugo Boss and Converse and Tommy Hilfiger and McDonalds sell there their clothes from last season for a more agreeable price (except for McDonalds who in the first place doesn't even sell clothes. And secondly, the fries still went for the same price. Crooks).

All was, again, a bit disapointing UNTIL we walked into an all-men's store called Bendorff. There I saw hanging this Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper which I immediately really really liked. I already saw a bright future together with my black H&M pencil skirt, my black "vintage" pillbox hat, my mum's black sleeveless fake fur coat and my new H&M loafers (also in black). Or with a white blouse underneath (preferebly one with a bow), my mint-blue with white pattern shorts made by my mum and knee high socks with my black "Chelsea boots" underneath. Or maybe with some leather trousers and... and thus I decided to try it on.

And so I did. Only I felt really awkward because it all being a men's store and all (ya know, all those scary men). Luckily my mum reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and told me that a few changing rooms to my left there was a woman trying on some jeans. Nothing to be worried about then.

The main knot that had to be cut was the price. Now I'm not comfortable sharing with y'all what I pay for my clothes because that's none of your darn business. However, I'd just like to point out that I've paid a little bit less than 30% of the original price. Which for me is still quite a lot of money to spend on a single item, but considering, is basically nothing compared to the original pricetag. And the fabric, man! It's all about the fabric! As I think I've also said about my Karl Lagerfeld tee, you really do notice a difference in what quality fabric you buy (although sometimes you do not and it's a total rip off. Or a rip on if you're lucky! Feeling fabrics is very important and one of the first things my mum has taught me. In the beginning it's all a big blur. But the more you feel, the more you actually feel it, ya know).

And yes I am very aware that this isn't something everyone can buy (little secret: I can't either). But places like these are worth the wait if you want something "special" and also not go bankrupt. Waiting, I think, plays a key role in getting what you want for a price that you want (or better said: can afford. Preferably I'd just pay nothing. But that'd be stealing. Stealing is wrong. Stay in school and don't do drugs!). For instance my Karl Lagerfeld tee was the last one so I got it with discount (although it was a present. So practically I got it for free. Without stealing it). This naturally has something to do with luck or karma (helped an old lady in the train, got a Karl Lagerfeld tee in return. Helped an old man to find his way around the train station, got a Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper in return. That's how karma works. You walk around trains and bother old people). So yeah, moral of the story: be patient, do good deeds and get designer clothes in return.

Funny story: My mum and dad went later that afternoon to my aunt and told her about our shenanigans and me now owning a Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper *squeaks* and so on. At hearing about my newest purchase my aunt jumped up saying "I've also got something from Marc Jacobs". And went off to grab this sample of one of his perfumes and gave it to them to give to me (thanks auntie!).

So pretty! I dare say that this is one of the most luxurious samples I've ever have had in my life. Now every other sample will be a bit disappointing... step up your game, will ya! Sell the goods, sell the -luxurious- samples!

At the moment everyone is naturally talking about Marc's -I may say Marc- latest perfume called Daisy Dream. But I'm rebellious, controversial and cool *ahum* and will talk about this perfume (firstly because I've got no idea how the newest smells and secondly because I do know how this one smells). The perfume I'm talking about is Dot. Dot has been inspired by Polkadots and contains traces of red berries, juicy dragon fruit, sweet honeysuckle, jasmine combined with coconut water, orange blossom, vanilla and last but not least musk. Now I didn't know all of this before spraying it on my body-- I'm practically allergic to all of it. However I haven't noticed a thing about it. No swelling or irritation or redness. Which I find weird but oh well... *shrugs*

At first I had to get used to the smell, but eventually I've decided that I like it. It's, I think, very different from the perfumes I own (Chanel #5 and Coco Mademoiselle. As Demi said to me "Step away from the Chanel..." NEVER!!). It's sweet but also not. Funny mixture. So yeah, that's my profound in depth review/opinion: smelled funny at first, now quite enjoyable...

And that's all folks!


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