Yay!! My camera seems to be working after some die hard nerve wracking home doctoring. Basically I've just changed the cable from this camera to that from my old camera, which is in fact the same camera only an older model AND isn't working anymore because it's made a sure 2 meter high drop from the upper shelf from my parents' wardrobe to the lower surface of a room aka the floor. Not to be pointing fingers, but it's my dads fault. Not mine. Just to be clear. Still a shame, though. But talking about camera's that are working at this current moment, here are some pictures that my camera was hanging on to in this brief period of dispair (mainly those I wanted to use for my August favourites). Enjoy.



  1. Cool post, Dominique! I've had similar problems with my camera (my dad dropping it and all) ;]. That Chanel makeup looks divine **swoons**.

    Smile a little at my blog here :]


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