by - September 14, 2014

On Monday I wore a checkered jacket from the Charity Shop, a pale pink dress from H&M (which is the same as the blue dress I wore last week), a hat from Forever21, Mary Jane's from Primark, a ring I got as a present and my cross bracelet from Fashionology.

As said last week, at the moment we're having I'm getting ill weather. So it was practically inescapable for me to not get ill (me and my big mouth *sigh*). I managed to stay put at school for two hours or so until I decided that enough was enough.

On Tuesday I wore a big oversized dark grey jumper with white stripes from Primark with "matching" light grey pyjama bottoms. I obviously stayed home that day. Doing nothing, really.

On Wednesday I wore a no-sleeves black silk blouse with bow from InWear, A grey checkered jacket from InWear, purple/blue patterned trousers and loafers with glitter soles (with a close-up picture as promised) from H&M, my black fedora hat and some grey ankle socks from Primark and a bracelet that states "Love me tender".

On Thursday I wore a big oversized dark grey jumper with white stripes from Primark (sounds familiar?), a no-sleeves black silk blouse with bow from InWear (say what?), a black skirt- black boots and same coloured tights from H&M.

Thursday was mostly spend at the city archives of Amsterdam.

On Friday I wore a no-sleeves black silk blouse with bow from InWear (is three times too much?), an underskirt kind of something from Bohemian, yet another but different checkered jacket from H&M with black chelsea boots, a fedora hat from Primark and a brooch from (?).

Friday was a normal boring school day. Also, side note, maybe it's just me but whenever I post a selfie I hear this voice inside my head saying "LOOK AT MA FACE. LOOK AT IT. MA FACE!". Is that just me or...

On Saturday I wore a blouse, skirt and loafers from H&M, a leather bralette from Forever21, a fedora hat and socks from Primark, bag from an antiquity shop and brooch from (?). Oh! And the occasional Chanel sunglasses. Just saying.

On Saturday I went to two Charity shops. That's right, two. And I indeed, as always, got myself some little something somethings. INCLUDING this probably-fake-but-could-be-real Chanel hanger. I saw it hanging with another coat which I really liked but was frankly way too big on me and gave me a rash (TMI?). And thus I -I naturally being my mum- cleverly switched it with a coat I was going to buy. So my mum said subtly at the check out if we could also get the hangers with the clothes. And the guy looked at the probably-fake-but-could-be-real Chanel hanger and said decisively "NO, we're short on them at the moment". So I desperately looked at my dad who took matters into his own hands and asked if he could otherwise buy it. And immediately the guy grinned and said "YES, for a euro". I think I don't have to tell you what we did... I'm now the proud owner of a probably-fake-but-could-be-real Chanel hanger. The depths one has to go through...

Also on that same Saturday my lovely mum provided me with some tea up stairs because I had a cramp in my foot (because of not drinking enough tea). However, when taking my first sip I noticed that there was something different. Something wrong. Within seconds I couldn't breathe properly and I'd got a hunch of why that was. Naturally not being able to yell down stairs of what's going on, I decided to take my chances and hop down the stairs on my bum (because my feet was still hurting very badly). And as I suspected, she'd given me green tea with lemon instead of just regular green tea. *dramatic music*

So while I was taking my medication so I could, ya know, breathe and stuff, she made me some regular green tea. Because of my situation -hopping and not breathing- she asked my dad if he could bring it up stairs for me so I could lay down. Yet again. So said, so done. However, my dad's sleeve got stuck behind the doorknob, making him unbalanced and making the cup fall onto the ground into a thousand pieces. Luckily without containing any tea. Naturally the only sensible thing to do was to laugh out loud. I even almost choked and died from laughing! That would've been very dramatic indeed.

Note to self: drinking tea in this household is a very dangerous thing to do...


I'm that kind of gal who switches back to pyjamas whenever she can. So when I got home after some thrifting I went straight back into pyjamas and put a bun into my hair. For some unknown reason I'd also put my hat back on. The result you've seen (I want to be in an 80's band I do, I do, I do, I do!) 

On Sunday I wore/am wearing my pyjama with Hello Kitty socks from H&M. Today has been filled with all kinds of boring school stuff. Nothing exciting, really. Just me, sat in my pyjamas, doing lots of reading and typing and mostly googling. Oh how one has ever lived without!

And that's it! Phew, That was a long one, that was! How has your week been?


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