by - September 07, 2014

I'm so done with summer and so ready for autumn. At the moment we're having I'm getting ill weather with cold mornings and sweaty afternoons. One just doesn't know how to dress anymore! I've reached that point where I wish upon a star that the temperature will drop down to zero so I can wear all those jumpers (2) I've made during the summer. Although, if I'm wishing anyway, I just want the weather to suit me instead of me suiting to the weather. Because the chance is big that when it finally drops down to zero, I only can think about miniskirts and having this strange urge to go down bare legged. Oh well...

This week has been quite harsh because of school starting again (it's so confusing that most countries have different school programs in the sense of college in England means high school in America and it's very confusing because I'm at college which is very much like university, but isn't university. Very confusing indeed, so I'll stick with just school. We all know what that is).

This week I got complimented for my brows. Which does not happen that often (ever) and was quite nice. I'm also having trouble to get started again. I'm feeling a bit of the blues and just can't find myself motivated or atleast productive. *sigh* All soon to be passed, I hope. AND typing about things we soon hope to pass, yesterday I've found myself with some strange itchy redness around my ankle and it's all hot and everything and I thus hope it'll soon pass... too much information?

On Monday I wore trousers and a gilet from my men's suit, a blue jumper and fedora hat, from Primark, a star printed top from InWear, shoes from H&M, brooch from (?) and naturally a studded belt I've bought years ago somewhere in Germany (those trousers won't hold themselves!).

On Tuesday I wore a blue dress from H&M, a duster coat from Primark (yes, I did some shopping there. How did you guess?) and my now very trusted Mary Jane's with white ankle socks -both also from Primark-, my 80's/90's bow on my head, a ear-ring (ya get it) I got years ago in Germany and the occasional stole made by my mum.

On Wednesday I wore my alltime favourite Batman pyjama tshirt I bought years ago at the men's section in The Sting and some not-pictured pyjama bottoms. Wednesday was a good day because I didn't had to leave for school.

On Thursday I wore the same thing as Wednesday until I realized I was wearing that same combo for over a week and hadn't showered in three days. So I did some showering and put on some fresh pyjamas. As to be seen in the picture I was already thinking about what to wear on Friday...

On Friday I wore a brown/yellow checkered dress made by my mum, an off-white pinky-ish blouse with bow from InWear, my fedora and white ankle socks from Primark AND my new H&M loafers with black glitter soles (which you can't really see in the pictures, but I'll soon get some good close-ups for y'all).

On Saturday I wore the jacket from my men's suit (go back to Monday for the rest of it), a dotted skirt from the thrift store, stripy top from Vanilia, boots from H&M and a pearl necklace from an antiquities shop.

On Sunday I wore my Elvis Presley print tshirt with stripy pyjama bottoms. Nothing more. Nothing less. (also no makeup, I apologise for my naked face. Also, not to sound too sexy, but under my pyjamas I'm wearing underwear. But no, under my underwear I'm naked).

And that's it for this week! I'm very much considering to do the same next week. Ya know, wearing some clothes and such. So maybe y'all see that in the near future (or maybe y'all won't). Have a nice week, though!


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  1. I love that you wear menswear and dresses to school consecutively and totally rock it! Also, not to sound creepy, but you are wicked pretty. Sorry, that does sound creepy.... I'll stop talking now.