by - September 20, 2014

Guess who's back? Back again. The Veronicas are back! Tell a friend...

I love love LOVE The Veronicas for a long time now. Back in high school I'd a black bicycle from Old Dutch, where basically everyone rides on because when you do, you're cool. And I was even more cool, who though it was possible, because I'd on one side of my fender written Tokio Hotel and on the other -you've guessed it- The Veronicas (no one even knew who they were and thus spitted on the bike. Thank goodness never on me, that would've been real gross). Now, before I start ranting on about their amazingness, I'll give you a short intro for those who don't know:

The Veronicas is a musical duo excisting out of twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso. They both have angelic voices and use this as their weapon of choice for general bad-assness.

1. (informal, rare) the state or characteristics of being bad-ass aka cool, awesome, heroic, admirable and the kind that still looks gobsmackingly good in garbage bags (that last one I might've added myself. But it's true!).

As you might be aware or unaware of, these rocking babes have finally long overdue released a new song. And I must tell y'all about it because it's perfect. The feels, the sounds and the aesthetics is all I've hoped for and even a thousand times more. You Ruin Me -the title of the song- is plain said heartbreakingly beautiful. The lyrics are restrained scenical, giving you a nice play on performance. All sang with a certain vulnerability, but don't get fooled. The strength of their voices shines through and the force is ever in their favour.

Besides the excellent writing and singing, they've accompanied this song with an equal excellent videoclip. Or is it a YouTube video these days? Anyway, you can watch it here. All elements intertwine perfectly giving you a complete package. The cool colours with warm accents gives you visually a classical/old-school vibe with modern influences being made by the more cool and clean cuts you find inbetween.

"The mind is a kind of theatre, where several perceptions successively make their appearance, pass, re-pass, glide away and mingle in an infinite variety of postures and situations."
David Hume

First of is the main building of the theatre. It all begins quite in contrast with the old dignified building, when the girls park their sweet ride infront of it. You can see all kinds of lights indirectly surrounding the environment, which gives it a "modern" cool yet aloof atmosphere (they're wearing most amazing white sunglasses which I want asap and are only showed with their feet and from behind). However this all is soon to be exchanged with the warm coloured corridors of the theatre. These make a distinct change of that what's happened just that moment before (as also to be seen in how everything gets to be set up or started up again -lights going on- the story begins).

Then within the theatre you've got the stage. The main features of the theatre (like in the corridors) are there, but the colours are colder and there's smoke covering the panels which make it look as if they're slightly floating. Which made me also think of smoke and mirrors in the sense that on stage the smoke slowly drips of the edge plus the parts of scenes where you see Lisa sitting infront of a big mirror surrounded by roses and a note from her lover (also clearly to be seen in the makeup of the girls. Especially the colour of their lipstick is very striking).

The third main setting, I would say, is where they do ballet (and thus the development of the relationship makes full circle). The colours are very cold and flat. There's a main contrast between the white/grey/mirrored background and the black clothes the dancers wear. You could say, if you'd go deep into this (which I'm naturally doing. It all probably means nothing. Like English teachers always think that the blue curtain means something but it doesn't because the curtain was like, actually, for real blue. Or something among those lines...), you could say that at that point they're "equal". And in the near future this unity will be devided as to be seen at stage (the clothes are distinctively different and one could say that both girls wear the same opposite of eachother and the boy -rarely shown at this point- is still in his black ballet tenue).

In addition, it tells you a story that gives you "back ground" of the current situation (that what thus is sang about). I love that they've based it around ballet, the movement of lightness, flexible, floating through the room, as light as a feather. In comparison the strenght one needs to make those movements, the discipline and perseverance. This might not just be a beautiful scenery, a setting or backdrop, but could give us insight in the standing position of being at that point of time (further to be proved by them actually having kidnapped the guy. Oh yeah, they did that). Or they could've chosen specifically for ballet because ballet is just pretty darn cool. One of both, I guess...

Same goes for the outfits that they're wearing (as also already has been stated above). You could say that the floaty tenue of the ballerina gets to be switched with those beaded dresses (absolutely gorgeous beaded dresses that is). A beaded dress can look at first glance very light and as we can see open and maybe even, not trying to overkill y'all with this word, floaty. However, beaded dresses aren't mainly anything like that. Beads are heavy, man! This could be a sign of them standing strong, both feet on the ground -not anymore floating *sorry* like a ballerina in the air- as the smoke gradually drips of the stage and the mirrors are nowhere to be seen (revenge is sweeter than you ever were). Or they just thought it looked nice (which it does). One of both, again...

The ending is a whole other story, though. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives you just that little extra insight in what's more to come. Without spoiling it for y'all: It's dramatic, fierce, but most of all brilliant.

Job well done! Standing ovation!

Where else could one go to share this good news? (besides this format that is) Twitter, naturally! So I did just that. Just a little tweet sharing my love. And guess what?! "What?" The Veronicas favourited my tweet and are now, at this very given moment, following me on Twitter (!!!!!!!). That's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. Besides of course that one time Alexa Chung tweeted me. We still keep in touch. Sort of. More of a one way stream nowadays. Oh well... So you know, I'm a pretty big deal down there on Twitter. Just saying. ;)


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