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Mascara: a cosmetic for darkening and thickening the eyelashes.
"I put on my blue army bandanna in the bathroom along with my mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss."

Although mascara has a recent history of excisting (especially in comparison with for instance lipstick or eyeshadow), one can never deny its significant position in the beauty scene.

I myself have got a pair of lashes, or better said eyes that are easily "upset". So it has been quite the task to find some mascara that makes my lashes look good AND my eyes pleased. I've found this combo in the mascaras from Chanel. Although I'm a bit bias towards the big CC's (I mean it's one of the -if not the- best brands that has ever excisted), their products are always of high quality. And if it doesn't make my eyes pop out of my skull, I'm happy as ever.*

Now I must confess that everything has, as everything always does, their limits. So I thought it could be helpful for those considering buying a Chanel mascara to know my experience with them (because, ya know, I'm a non-expert bias typer who likes to be heard. PLEASE LOOK AT ME KARL!).

I've so far tried three of their mascaras Inimitable, Inimitable Intense and Le Volume de Chanel.


My very first Chanel mascara was a birthday present from my lovely parents. It's waterproof (which is with constantly irritated and teary eyes a blessing). I can still vividly remember how impressed I was with the blackness of black Chanel #10 Noir is (and for that aspect all of the Chanel mascaras are). However, the big downside for me was that gradually, when the day continued to unfold, it would deposit some of the mascara onto the eye socket. Giving you an obvious smudged line above your eyelid. However, this didn't withhold me to purchasing it again for quite some time.

Inimitable Intense

After purchasing the Inimitable over and over again, I got a little sample of this mascara. The regular Inimitable began to irritate my surrounding eye-skin (as it always spontaneous does with some products after a while) so I was looking for something new. Now I'd also tried the well-known YSL Shocking mascara, but found the consistency to droopy and it made my eyes burn very much (and something I haven't told y'all yet, I'm very bad at doing my makeup. So everything that has a potential to sort of drool all over my face is very hazardous and just waiting to go wrong). However, I've seen it on many girls and it looked very nice. 

Alright, lets go on with the Inimitable Intense. The consistency in comparison with the regular one is a bit more droopy, but not too much. It makes your lashes look more curled and, well, covered in mascara. It gives your lashes indeed more volume (but not as much as the next one). They unfortunately don't have a waterproof version of the Intense, so the major downside for me was that when my eyes got irritated and teary, my mascara left the stage. Which made them even more irritated and teary, making everything pour down my face. Now this image sounds horrific, especially to me, but the pouring down my face isn't the classic Hollywood dripping of your chin- kind of action, but more centered around the eyes. Which is sort of a good thing, I guess. So when it drips it doesn't do it over-dramatically and you might just can get away with it by saying it's "heroin-chic".

Le Volume de Chanel

More dramatic than the Intense, but in a good way. This one I've got for about a month now and must say is my personal favourite. It's waterproof again, so I can cry as much as I want to. It doesn't crease like the Inimitable, but then again is more difficult to remove from your face. I've lost a lash or two for scrubbing too hard. It does its name true, and yeah, I love my lashes to be there obviously in your face as if they've been descendant from Twiggy. And they sort of do in a non-fake lash kind of way. Also the application brush is different from the other two, making the lashes more separated/standing out. Which naturally helps to conceive those 60's lashes all over again.

I hope that this was in any way helpful or in some other way atleast a bit entertaining. I felt a bit weird typing all this out because I'm not even close of being an expert on anything, but I know what I like and I know what's important to me. And it isn't like rocket science or anything (don't let those ads fool ya!).


*Why Chanel: As y'all might know I'm sort of obsessed with Chanel. However, my allergies/sensitivity don't care about the esthetic and rich history of the brand. Besides loving Chanel, I'm also just a general high-end lover and have tried other kinds of mascara from similar high-end brands (in sample formation that is, those prices are too high to "just experiment with". The same is like with those peolpe who sell their high-end clothes or something just a year after the release of it. I mean, not judging or anything, but if you're willing to pay that much money for something that precious, you ought to make it a carefully considered purchase. But that's just my opinion... Got loads of them).

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