by - September 21, 2014

On Monday I wore a top I got from my aunts friend (only she's removed the tag so...), stripy trousers made by me, leather jacket from Only, socks from Primark, shoes from H&M and hat from an antiquities market in Belgium (the hat is French, though).

This week has just been filled with almost nothing but schoolwork. Boring schoolwork which stresses everyone out and gives you bad skin and a shorter life span due to unnecessary stress. Just keep reminding yourself that learning isn't the bad guy. My best advice would be: turn up the music and move those hips! Shakira Shakira!

On Tuesday I wore a top from the husband of my aunts friend, leather trousers from Toxik, leather jacket from Only, socks from Primark, shoes from H&M, rings were a gift from my aunt (different aunt), and bracelet from Fashionology. Also got attacked by this tree:

"Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can't help but move to it. That's what happens to me. I can't help it". -Elvis Presley

On Wednesday I wore a dress from See by Chloe, Jacket from Vanilia, fedora hat from Primark, socks and shoes from H&M, brooch from (?). Also Hello Kitty mirror from H&M (sadly no longer with us -I've dropped it on the floor) and lipstick by Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #34 La Raffinée.

Today I grooved around the premises of Rijksmuseum. Above are some pictures I took in a hurry (too busy looking at old furniture and stuff. That's how I roll). That blurry picture with a painting on it is the Nightwatch from Rembrandt. Just so you know...

On Thursday I wore a tshirt with James Dean on it from Action (not pictured) and pyjama bottoms from Hema.

On Friday I wore a blue strapless dress from Bynamesakke, black see through dress and shoes from H&M, socks primark, hat from an antiquities shop, rings were a gift from my aunt and bracelet from Lucardi. Also Chanel perfume Coco Mademoiselle, Le Volume de Chanel mascara, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Rouge Volupté #01AB (I think. idk. It's pink), sunglasses from (?) and Hello Kitty mirror from Mfashion.

On Saturday I wore a dress, shoes AND hat from H&M, bag from Charity Shop, socks from Heart E via Mfashion, ring with ears is from somewhere in Germany and ring without ears was a gift from my aunt and I've topped it all with my Chanel sunglesses.

Another Saturday, another thrifting day... I loved how this thrift store had nailed old tins to the wall and hung necklaces on it. Quite initiative, non? I especially love the one with the dogs and cats on it. They'd also covered parts of the walls with old lp covers. Groovy.

On Sunday I wore pretty much the same as Thursday, only with greasy hair and other bad hygene (so no picture included). I did walk the dog today and had the decency to brush my hair, put a hat on and trade my pyjama bottoms for some mint blue shorts. I'm thinking about wearing them tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled for that next week! Nice cliffhanger. That'll keep you coming back. Did she or didn't she wore those mint blue shorts on Monday? At this point quite uncertain, but next week baby, next week *starts dancing to the flamenco*.


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