by - September 25, 2014

Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine
Me pride and joy
If I didn't having me sewing machine
I'd a married James McCoy
But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle
And that's the end of Jim
'Cause by night I get so weary I don't even look good to him

It's Saturday morning around 9 o'clock. I'm still laying in bed, drooling upon my pillow and dreaming about Shaun Evans. Then all of a sudden I hear my mum yell my name, summoning me downstairs. I turn around and mumble something understandibly. Not long after, my sister yells my name again with the instructions of me needing to go downstairs. So there was not much left for me to do than to get out of bed and go downstairs. While I'm slowly tumbling down the stairs, I can hear my mum being all excited. "What's the fuss about?", I recall thinking.

Finally arrived downstairs (there are indeed some downsides by having your room up in the attic), I see my mum gloating and be all giddy. "Yes?" I ask half asleep. She points at a big box standing in the middle of the kitchen. I nod. "Yes?". She smiles at me, "We've won a sewing machine". Silence. "Sorry, what?". She repeats what she'd said, "Look at the box".

Apparently, without me knowing it, my mum had entered a compitition to win one of 45 sewing machines. 45 being the number of years this magazine, Knipmode, has excisted and thus celebrates it with giving away free sewing machines. And we've won one! I never ever win something nor does my mum. So we were well surprised when we actually did win something. A sewing machine, for gracious sake! So, ya know, THANKS A LOT!!

For entering you had to say why you should be the one to get a free sewing machine. My mum wrote to them that we both use the same sewing machine to well sew our stuff, and that when I move out it would be nice if I had one for myself to take with me. Which is indeed very sweet of her, but also sorry, when do you think I'll be moving out then? Am I already in need to find my own place? Let alone a job??? I don't have a job. How am I supposed to support myself?? She said not to worry about it. However, it's become painstakingly clear that I've become that age where it's normal to move out. Or have a job. Basically, I'm old.

The sewing machine is a basic one from Toyota. It does what it has to do and I love the retro vibes going on there with the purple flowers and the round shaping and I'm just very happy with it! If only I'd some spare time so I could do a proper run down... *sigh* You can't always get what you want. Or atleast not all at the same time. Besides, having it is step 1 in the process. Step 2 will follow gradually. ;)

So yeah, once again, thank you very very much people down there at Knipmode! I appreciate it a lot and I'll be bobbin and peddling on it soon!


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