by - October 19, 2014

Won't need to much pursuading
I don't mean to sound degrading
But with a face like that you got nothing to laugh about
Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper | Charity Shop coat | H&M culottes/barrette/shoes

Do you know that feeling that after you haven't left your house for quite some time, you're scared to go outside again? Well, I do have that feeling. I've been ill for the last week or so and haven't left the house, let alone my bed, for the remaining of time. Last Friday I defied this fear (and illness) and went into town with my mum (bought some nice fabrics which I'll probably show y'all coming Wednesday. Or not. Depends). I must admit that it was quite alright, there've been no deaths, so that's a good thing I guess. But still this unsure feeling is making me nervous for tomorrow when I need to go back to school again (it's either that or the nausea).

I've never been someone who goes out a lot (I type I in the sense of none of us in this household. Even the dog gets upset if he's away for "too long"). However I must contradict my feelings sometimes. Because sometimes it can be pretty great to go outside into the big bad world. Experiencing new things and shizzle, growing as a person and stuff, ya know... Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or, like, ever. ;) (No worries, though. Have felt like this since the day I was born. Just ask my mum. I just wanted to stay, if ya know what I mean. *wink wink*).

On a more light hearted note: I'm almost done with my "Autumn Rainbow" cropped top and matching skirt (Instagrammers will know what I'm talking about. Sort of. I hope), so *fingers crossed* it won't take me long now to sew it all together and wear it with pride. Outside. Probably to school. *sigh* THUS I've already started my way through two new projects. I never really type anything about my "projects" on here and think it's about time to change that. I don't however know yet how, so please bear with me...


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  1. That outfit is perfect, it look so chic and yet warm and so comfortable. Your sense of style is fantastic !