by - December 07, 2014

Vlogmas is still going strong over on my Youtube-page. For today I decided to make a "How I Style" video. How exciting. I've chosen the all time classic (atleast in my opinion) men's trousers. What's one to do without them?! They are big, comfy and dare I say it "manly" (although the defintion of masculine is one that's got varied perceptions). I've opted for three outfits, so I won't bore you for too long. I think it all looks quite nice. Very cold, though, without a coat and gloves and, ya know, the inside of your house with the heating on and stuff... My mother was playing cameraman/director and abandoned me half way "to warm up". What an unadventorous individual! A little bit of cold won't hurt ya! (says the girl laying in bed covered in a pile of 5 blankets...). But for now I'd like to take a moment to thank you, mum. Good on you for suffering such low temperatures! Now get yourself back inside and make the most of the burning fireplace, because I've got some more ideas I need your help with. ;) 

Trousers: Flea market | Cardigan: Dyanne | Blouse: Jackpot | Hat: H&M | Shoes: Van Haren | Stole: Made by my mum

Top: We Are Vintage | Blazer: H&M | Hat: H&M | Shoes: H&M

Blouse: Made by my mum | Jumper: Made by my mum | Gilet: Made by my mum | Hat: H&M | Shoes: H&M


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