by - December 04, 2014

A few days ago my father, sister and I went for a bike ride. This wasn't just any ordinary bike ride, but one that took place at the old military airport nearby my house (I say nearby in the sense of a 45 minutes bike ride. Which isn't nearby, trust me). We got guided by Hans and Hans (they both happened to have the same name. But Hans had a moustache so no confusion there). It was the last guided tour of the year and the last guided tour in this formation (next year most of the estate will be open to public). It was very interesting to see and learn the history of such a place (not only in military history but also in how this has affected the environment and all that lives within it).

Besides it being very impressive and such, it was also very bloody cold. It was one of the coldest days to date and we literally froze to our steering wheels. I'm still shivering...


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