Just Some Thoughts on Inspiration (aka life crisis)

by - July 11, 2015

Looking for inspiration is a main theme in my life. Well, anybody's life really... I think. The other day I was talking to my mum about how I don't find myself inspirational and that it's a funny thing that I for instance maintain a blog and write stuff and draw stuff etc. Naturally it's a way of expression, but it can be argued that this blog -in some way- can be seen as me trying to 'out beam' my inspiration, focusing on myself as the (main) subject.

I don't look at myself for inspiration. I go outwards. I look at images and words of other people, not mine. As my mother pointed out to me, this will mostly be the case for the bigger bunch (although, if not, please raise your hand and whisper me your secrets).

We can only take everything from our own perspective, but that perspective alone isn't everything we can rely on. It takes often another voice to make the most of us into who and what we are. To inspire us to 'create' or be inspired in any other way possible.

I've been busy sewing again (coming soon! Maybe...), taking patterns from old magazines we recently purchased. I'm literally drooling over every page I lay my eyes on (best spend money EVAH). However this inspiration gained outside my being, I still reflect it on myself as the basis of all these future creations. With those pictures and patterns doesn't only come said inspiration, but I bounce of on it. I imagine that skirt in lemon green, with that blouse in cream white with blue flowers on it, combined with a matching blue beret and gloves. And shoes. Not yet certain on the colour of the shoes. However: Outfit made in heaven... All concentrated around my own body and my own taste.

Crop top: Made by me
Trousers: Charity shop
Hat: Primark
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Vintage 
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Fascinante #38

Some people have got that something about them, that makes you look at them. You don't know why (besides their impacable looks/outfit/whatever). They've got something. I want that something.

Also I'd like to be more confident.

And healthy.

And does anybody know where I can find a matching (light/baby) blue beret and gloves?
(Just adding it to the list.)


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