Sunday Summary Week 27

by - July 05, 2015

Due to the heatwave I've temporarily moved from the attic to my sister's bedroom. Now I know that I'm not a total joy to share rooms with, which I think is almost as important as indeed being someone with whom it's a total joy to share your room with. My main problem lies in the 'sleeping' part. Don't you worry, I'm not that kind of gal that'll keep you up all night by sharing insignificant life stories. No. I will keep you up all night by my snoring, talking (or rather mumbling. Which is, as I see now, in a way keeping you up by telling you insignificant life stories... But does it count when it's done subconsciously?) and last but not least I grind my teeth together and making a weird sound doing so. I cant help it!

Last night I was deeply dreaming a dream about unicorns and whatnot, until suddenly I felt something against my skin. I open my eyes and yell "WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING!!!" (the 'F' naturally being a curse word, but we're keeping it family friendly today). It was naturally my sister, who in all her concerns of my sound making machine, put a hand on my shoulder -as of being a sign 'that everything's alright'. Well, it obviously wasn't for me!! Although I must admit that within seconds I'd closed my eyes again and went on snoring as if my life depended on it. Leaving my sister in shock. First of all naturally because of my sudden outburst and secondly because of my great power to go back to sleep as if nothing had happined AND still being able to remember the incident the next morning. I know, I'm a miracle worker.

Anyway, it's probably unnecessarily to say so, but it's BLOODY HOT!! As my mum pointed out to me the other day, it'll -psychologically- get more hot when you keep saying that it's hot. But I can't help it, everyone around me, including mum the elderly wise woman, keep saying it is. An naturally besides the fact that it ACTUALLY is pretty damn hot. I really worry about the extremes the weather is taking these last couple of days, weeks, months, years... Makes you wonder about the future (aka I will emigrate if the climate here desides to take a turn for the worse). 

If the weather is good for one thing, it's that it might be perfect to just sit around and be. Just be. With sweat slowly creeping down your spine. I've occupied myself by crochet (knitting is absolutely out of the question and in the mornings crochet can be acceptable up to a point. I've just finished a cropped jumper in squares (coming soon. Well.... when the weather has cooled down drastically). And at the moment I'm full in business with a shawl. I know, very temperature friendly. It's better then my sewing plans: a fake fur green jacket with matching hat. I'm sorry).


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