Me & Mr. Jones

by - July 07, 2015

Nobody stands in between me and my man
It's me and Mr. Jones
Amy Winehouse 

You don't judge a book by its cover, but you DO judge your tea by its packaging. The moment I layed my eyes on Mr. Jones tea, I was sold. Yes, it was the packaging that sealed the deal. I mean, doesn't it look all luxurious and whatnot! The main trick was to find a tea where the ingredients would agree with my body, and so I did! Clap your hands like a mad woman!!

I've chosen Little Green Bag, a biological green tea from India. It's absolutely delicious and soothing at the same time. And fairtrade (just to add to the list).

Green tea comes from the monastery gardens in China. Nobody really knows how or when the stuff has been discovered, but there's a somewhat origin story even Spiderman would've been jealous of:

The story goes that emporer Shen Nung (2.737 - 2.697 B.C.) noticed that his water became green due to a wild shrub it was standing next to. The emporer took a sip anyway (because who cares that it might've been poison or somethin') and liked what he was tasting. And ta-da, there was green tea. A good magic trick, if you ask me. The only shady thing about this story is that we all know that green tea rather looks more like piss. But ya know, that would've been a whole other story to tell... Drink up me hearties yo ho!

From China, the tea made its way to Tibet, Japan and India, before arriving in Russia and Europe. Yes, we were late to the party, as usual, but we're trying to catch up on all those bygone tea sipping days. It's a hard task, I know, but one I'm willing to face. *sips some green tea*

Green tea has be known as a medidine for quite some time. Just a cup of two à three per day can make a whole lot of difference. Scientifically proven!

First of all green tea stimulates the blood flow to your brain, which improves your concentration and ability to learn. Also -because green tea is full of minerals and vitamines and stuff (hey, I'm no scientist!)- it improves your digestion, it gives you stronf and healthy teeth and bones AND drinking green tea has influence on the prevention of heart and vascular diseases.

And if that's not enough for you, it also gives you a firmer skin (if you've got red-coloured or irritated skin, drinking green tea actually helps to reduce this) and it makes your hair look shiny. I mean shiny hair! If that isn't doing it for you, than nothing will!

Anyway, bag to Mr. Jones (that's a pun. Ya know, tea bag. hahaha, I'm funny). Mr. Jones is a Dutch company that "has been founded on the belief that tea is truly tasteful when its fine flavour is established through a responsible method of production." HALLELUJAH! So basically all of their tea is biological, healthy, organic, environmental-friendly, people-friendly and most of their ingredients are bought under Fair Trade conditions (and otherwise Mr. Jones "makes a reservation for an extra sum to be used for charitable purposes"). You're my kind of guy, Mr. Jones! *sips some more tea*


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  1. I understand why you couldn't let this tea in the shop. The packaging is definitely fabulous. One reason why I also would take it home. In addition to the name of Mr. Jones. Awesome !!
    Nice pics....

    love, Marjan