Controlled By A Fool

by - September 16, 2013

Sometimes my brain wonders me with all the information it withholds. Like, what's 2+2 and my brain will say 4. When did Columbus discover America? 1492. What's the name of Vincent van Gogh's brother? Theo.

Me: Wow brain, you're clever.
Brain: Yeah, and I'm cute too.
Both: Yeeeaaahh...

But sometimes my brain, how shall I say this, doesn't function as effective as hoped for. Like this morning I'd forgotten my mobile phone.

Me: Brain, I think I've left my phone at home.
Brain: That's correct, but you know what? Just phone mum and she'll sort it out for you.
Me: Oh brain, what am I supposed to do without you?
Brain: I know, I'm amazing.
Me: Well, lets phone mum... brain, I can't find my phone. I think I've left it... oh wait a minute!
Brain: I'm a fool.


Pinky & The Brain

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