One Man, One Sheep

by - September 27, 2013

Clothes+Shoes: H&M/ Brooch: Used to be my grandma's/ Two white buttons: Bravo/ Necklace: Some weird shop in Amsterdam I've forgotten the name of/ Sunglasses: Kruitvat

My sister is learning to be a sign language interpreter. Today she told me something quite remarkable. She told me that sign language isn't international. So from country to country it differs. Even within the same country you have to encounter dialects of some kind. For example:

The Dutch sign for "Do you want to be my friend?", means in America something totally different. In America it means something among the lines of animal sex. So I said in shock, "why do they need a sign for that?!?". But then I thought about it. For biology and zookeepers this sign might come in hand. "Well", my sister said, "I thought more about 'one man, one sheep' kinda scenario". 


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