Racing To The Seaside

by - September 17, 2013

Dress: Thrift Store/ Jacket+Socks: Zeeman/ Shoes+Bag: Primark/ Belt+Headband: Girft from my aunt

A while ago we (my dad, sis and me) went to Zandvoort. Not for the seaside, but for some classic racing. Clasic not in the sense of heroic, but classic in the sense of old cars. The thing with racing with old cars is that no one wants to go to the fullest because of their car. The car is more worth than victory and victory is not the goal they're racing for. They race because they want to be seen, not because they want to win. But, as I've learned yesterday in "Het Zuiderzee Museum" (more about that later), old things need to move. Otherwise it will deteriorate like snow for the sun.


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