Ilse - A Short Story

by - September 29, 2013

Dress: Thrift Store/ Stole: Made by my mum/ Tights: Wibra/ Shoes: H&M/ Necklace: Brocante Shop

When Ilse awoke that morning, it seemed to be a boring day. But when she got on the bus, as she did every day, she noticed something strange. Tony, the bus driver, turned out to be a dog. Ilse, shocked by this image, wished him a good morning (as she did every day) and hurried to a seat. Tony barked happily at the sight of her and made preperations to leave.

At the next stop Ilse got off the bus. "I've probably eaten something bad this morning," she said encouragingly to herself.

Not far from the bus stop stands the building where Ilse works. The doorman, whose name she's forgotten but doesn't dare to ask, looked at her impatiently as he held the door open for her. When she looked at the doorman and he looked back, Ilse saw a lovebird. So she speeds up her pace and walk sideways passed him.

Miriam the receptionist and good friend of Ilse, looks at her questioningly. "What a day!," Ilse said sighing. "Good morning too," Miriam said, "What's wrong?". "Everyone seems to have changed into animals!". " Uhm, Ilse, we are animals. We've been animals all our lives.". Ilse looked again closely at her friend. Two cat eyes stared back at her. In disbelief she takes a step backwards. She hesitates, but then firmly runs away . Miriam meows something after her.

Ilse, who's getting madder by the minute, goes into an office and locks the door. It does'nt matter where she looks, the animals are everywhere. She tries to think of an escape plan. She walks to the window and sees herself in the reflection. She squeezes her eyes and to her horror, a rabbit is looking back.

Dum dum duuumm

The End.


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