by - April 17, 2014

Coat: Fashioned by Pluche
Dress thingy: Fashioned by Pluche
Blouse: Mandarin & Mint
Hat: Forever21
Tights: H&M
Shoes: H&M

Some weeks ago Demi, Loes (who you don't know but is absolutely lovely) and I watched this film called Children of the Corn. First of all it's so obvious an 80's production (1984 to be precise) that it's almost a parody of 80's productions in general. However, it is in fact genuinely made as a "scary movie". I feel like they've even made room for ooh's and aah's. It's just ridiculous! There are for instance a lot of plot holes within the story. To not spoil anything, but like, what's happened to that dead kid you've put in the trunk of your car?? Because it's such a mundane thing to do, putting dead kids in your trunk, that you've just forgotten about it. Well, I haven't. The end I've found most astounding. It's just basically there. It indeed excists, but like the film self, it's lost in the details. It feels like they've ran out of budget and just said "alrighty then. uhm. The End." To make a long story short: we belly laughed our way through the film.

Ya'll might be wondering why I'm typing about this really bad 80's film (because this isn't supposed to be my blog or anything). Well my dearest, because the ensemble showed above reminded Loes as a mixture between a pirate and "one of those kids from that weird 80's film we've watched". Which was exactly the look I was going for. Not. But I would indeed fit right in. Oh how I wish I was born a decade earlier so I could participate in bad 80's movies! I've really missed an opportunity here! I've got the costume and all! Too bad.

Edit: There's been a remake made of the film in 2009. It also apparently is based upon a famous Stephen King novel. I apologize for my ignorance. However, it's still funny.

The dress thingy -technical term- I've made myself. However, because I'd declined to look up for any patterns that looked like this and I've just knitted away, it's a little bit unbalanced. But nothing that a belt couldn't fix. I quite like it, but think that maybe next time I'd get a pattern ready so I've got some guiding. Lesson learned.

The yellow coat is made by my mum, which took her about a year to make. Not because it's a very complicated coat, but because she kept procrastinating on it. She'd started to work on the coat and almost finished it within a day. But not quite yet. However, instead of stitching the last pieces together, she just went on stitching other stuff. I've nagged a long time (like I said: A WHOLE YEAR) before she considered to finish the work she'd promised me. Bus as I may say, the result is phenomenal! I absolutely adore it and have so many clothing-ideas in mind that I'm set for a long, long time. Think for instance all white or all black or half white or half black or... the possibilities are infinite! It's only a shame that soon summer will be around the corner. Thanks mum. ;)

Shaun the sheep has nothing compared to this guy!

In other news: the new season of Endeavour Morse just started and I'm really gutted that I can't watch it yet!! (because I don't receive ITV on my tv and they haven't broadcasted it here yet. Or ever will. Who knows. Sad face.). I've already heard great things about it, but am trying to avoid any spoilers. Which is a hard thing to do when you've got an internet connection, oh well. I always feel really inspired after watching the show and just want to relive it by dressing alike. Hereby not impersonating the murdered person or the person who've murdered the murdered person, mind you! So yeah, lucky Brits, getting to watch their own television programmes before I do. Tsss. Y'all ought to be ashamed of yourselfs!


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