by - April 14, 2014

 Nothing more magical than those big CC's!

I, for one, am label crazed. When I was younger I'd the walls of my room covered with them (next to all my Tokio Hotel memorabilia, naturally). I think the power of a good label is often overlooked. Hereby not talking about the stuff it unrolls, but the aesthetic of the label and therewith the image it provokes of the company it represents. Ya know.

Labels are like the lipstick of a brand. It adds that dash of personality to the items. It basically makes it part of the family. Without it, its creation could be done by anyone and everyone could claim the authenticity of it (hereby withdrawing from all the fake reproductions on the market. That's a whole other story). There's a massive difference between something that's been produced by for instance Chanel, Primark or Fashioned by Pluche. Labels are basically the identification one has made for themselves to outshine all the other labels. Something with a Chanel label therefore can never be interchangeable with that of Primark. Or Fashioned by pluche.

There are key differences between the approach a brand makes and the story they want to tell. One can say that Chanel is couture, chic, sophisticated, minimalistic and restrained flamboyant. Primark on the other hand is high street, accessible, easy, fast, at large and cheap. And another story has to be told with Fashioned by Pluche, which mainly distinguish itself from all the others because of its exclusivity. Fashioned by Pluche is that exclusive that only four people on this earth walk around in it. Namely me, my sister, my mom and my dad has one jacket. That's right, we don't leave the guys out!

Y'all might think what the need is of telling all this stuff about loving labels and me going on and on and on about Fashioned by Pluche like it's a label. Well, as to be found in my first post ever (like ever ever), Fashioned by Pluche has indeed a label. Although our production and revenues are 0.00001%, we -my mom and I- have outdone ourselves and levelled up with our brand identity (in regards as to how far that can go with homemade stuff, naturally). We've grown older and wanted to put that into action. Not only out showing with the products we deliver, but also the label that's attached to it. So witout further ado, I'd like to present to ya'll our new label! Ain't it pretty?!

Uhm yeah, I've just typed this whole blogpost to tell the world wide web that we've got new labels for a brand that doesn't even excist. However, it does in our minds and isn't that more important than anything??


P.s. My dearly beloved mother has got her own blog now! So if you're interested in interiors (and can read Dutch) I'd definately recommend y'all to check her out!

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