by - April 21, 2014

Vanilia is a Dutch brand I absolutely adore. Their style of clothing is a sort of mixture between modern, business, chic and preppy. This may sound a bit blegh (in lack of other words), but that's absolutely not the case. There's a certain air of self knowledge each garment possess with a big wink coming your way. It's cool, it's fresh, it's amazing quality and on the pricey side. So when we, my mom and I, heard about this massive sale they were having, we didn't hesitate one second and wrote it big with red marker in our diaries.

However, that certainty faded when we saw the queue infront of the event. The secret we thought we'd found out wasn't that secret. It appeared that everyone knew about it. We even considered going back home again, may it not be that the woman infront of us assured that it's an absolute must. And she was right! I'm really glad we've stayed because, as may be deducted from the title of this post, I bought some really lovely things. Thank you strange woman for eavesdropping on our conversation!

The event took place at this old factory, so it was all very spacious and not cramped up (as I'd feared it to be). Yes, there were loads of people but no, it wasn't packed or anything. You could look through the racks at your own pace. Although you had to be quick with some items because they went down like chocolate on Easter. Some items were in better state than others, but every hole or misfortune that had happened to a garment was neatly marked, so you knew what you had in hand. It was quite surprising to me how many people carried these harmed pieces, while frankly a new looking one was easily to be found further down the rack. And it wasn't like that you got it for cheaper or anything. The prices were predetermined, nothing more nothing less. Oh well.

Everything was very organized (as far as such events can be naturally) and the racks were devided by size. So at one glance you could find your way through the room. However, the sizes are way off. I've got stuff ranging from size 38 to 46. That's quite a gap indeed. This all may well be because they were also selling samples between their stock, so you've got to be careful before taking something home with you. Talking about that... *smooth transition* this is what I've taken home with me (styled up with other pieces, I know I spoil y'all).

What I'm wearing:
Outfit #1    Top = Fashioned by Pluche/ Skirt = Vanilia/ Necklace = H&M/ Shoes = H&M
Outfit #2    Top = Vanilia/ Skirt = Vanilia/ Hat = Forever21/ Shoes = H&M/ Bracelet = Lucardi
Outfit #3    Tshirt = Saint Kidd/ Skirt = Vanilia/ Coat = Vanilia/ Hat = H&M/ Shoes = H&M

Funny side story: When we came home and unpacked our new goodies, we suddenly saw on the coat this plastic tag thingy that goes of when you try to leave the shop. So we slightly panicked and checked all the other clothes if they were also still tagged. And yes a top of mine still had his on dum dum dum dummmm. So my mom calls our "local" Vanilia store (being not that local naturally) and explained the situation, assuring the woman on the other end that we really haven't stolen these clothes but just came from the sale and blah blah blah. Luckily the woman of the shop knew about the sale and said we could pop by and she'd removed the tags. So said, so done. However, one tag she couldn't remove because it was a different tag than the tag of this store because each establishment gets their own kind of tag and yeah... we weren't that happy anymore as you might understand. The woman was very helpful and came up with a solution. She said that we should go to their neighbours and they'll probably can get it off. So we went next door, slightly dismissed and looking a bit desperate. The guy behind the counter apparently new of our arrival (which sounds a bit grand) and stood there as if he'd be the hero of this story. Which he is. He removed the tag with the greatest ease in the world and until this day we're very very grateful. And that my dear children, is a lesson learned: Always check if the tag is removed, because you can't always be 100% sure. If that ain't a rule to live your life by, than you haven't lived to the fullest!

What I'm wearing:
Outfit #4    Blouse = Fransa/ Pantalon = Vanilia/ Shoes =  Panara
Outfit #5    Top = Vanilia/ Shorts = Fashioned by Pluche/ Boots = Van Haren/ Necklace = Gift from my dad/ Hat = H&M
Outfit #6    Dress = Vanilia/ Shoes = Panara/ Hat = H&M
Outfit #7    Turtleneck = H&M/ Skirt = Vanilia/ Collar = H&M/ Shoes = H&M
Outfit #8    Dress = Vanilia/ Shoes = H&M

I've finally found out why I always look weird or uneased in pictures, I'm scared of the camera! Just a little realization we've had (we being me and my mom who takes the pictures of me because I don't know how to self-time because technology is hard to understand). Everytime I glance into the lens, I look scared and awkward -maybe because I am scared and awkward (I don't like the word awkward). I've got over a thousand pictures of myself looking really... uhm... strange. I've got this sort of natural facial expression that says "I don't know". Just a general being lost forever. And I'm sort of convinced that it runs in the family. Like my mum (sorry mum) has that same expression on pictures, my grandma also was a good looker and some time ago I saw a picture of my cousin and she had precisely the same expression! Wondrous, innit?! But yeah, just putting it out there into the world wide web, as you do...


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