by - April 11, 2014

Don't judge me!!

The wheater is changing, so it's time to put those knitted Christmas jumpers away (because wearing Christmas jumpers solidly during Christmas would be an insult for those great Christmas jumpers, wouldn't it) and to put something on that's preferably floaty and probably with florals. I personally am more of an autumn/winter person, because I like to layer things and love colours that are warm and dark. However, while making this statement, it really just depends on who I want to be that day. And naturally on who I don't want to be that day. And yes there's a big difference between those two.

*Excuse my face and poses, we ain't all born as supermodels*

What I'm wearing
Turtleneck top: Fashioned by Pluche
Leather trousers: Part Two
Bracelet: Lucardi
Ring: Gift from my aunt
Shoes: H&M
Hat: H&M

Spring is quite treacherous. For example: one day the sun is shining and it's super hot and you're slowly melting because you're still in a slimmed down winter uniform. So the next day you think you've prepared yourself for the heat by wearing an ultimate spring outfit, however it's rainy and cold and dark and you're slowely turning into a snowman. So, you think to be clever, the day next to that day you go back to a nice woolly jumper. And as you may guess, you turn into a puddle. It's a hard life.

These tough spring days therefore needs some reasonable outfits that are 1) not too hot 2) not too cold and 3) a mixture between hot and cold. The key thing is that you basically have to be a dog (or any other animal of choice) and slowly shed your clothes layer by layer, until you've reached the point of autumn so you could grow some back. However, because we can't all run around naked (we really can't), we have to find another solution for this very very big problem.

It's a well known phenomenon that with the first signs of sunshine, everyone strips down to bare essentials (aka just covering up the delicate parts, if you know what I mean). But as said before, maybe it's better to take things slow. Spring is like the equivalent of overalls. If it's fashionable, everyone is wearing it. But if it's not, you only see toddlers and construction workers walking around in them. It's a bit of an exaggeration to go nude when the sun starts to shine, especially in the climate I'm living in. However that doesn't decline some people to break the rules and go into their birthday suit (some rules are there not to be broken).

It's fun to see that literally no one has a clue of what to wear in this type of weather. Some are still walking around in their winter attire, some are -as vividly discussed above- walking around commando and some just try to meet in the middle (not always succesfully). Finding the ultimate mixture of clothes on and clothes of during spring might be the greatest question of our time. I'm afraid or even petrified that today this question will remain unanswered. But I will do my ultimate best to come up with a perfect solution! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get a Nobel prize for my toil. While wearing a tiara. In my dreams.


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