All I Want For Christmas...

by - December 23, 2015

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.
Richard Bach


Guess who just came knocking on my door? That's right! My Vintage Secret Santa knows how to play the game... dangerously.

As I've typed somewhere at the start of these holly jolly 12 days, this year I decided to join Jessica from Chronically Vintage in her annual Vintage Secret Santa presents swap (that's a mouthful indeed).* One of the best things I've done this year! Who'd thought that searching gifts for a complete stranger (you do get an impression of the person, but still, stranger danger) would be so much fun! (let alone receiving a gift from another stranger in return).

For my Secret Santa victim (the lovely Esther, on Instagram: @polyestherkes_circus) I went for the colour pink as base (because she herself has pink hair) and worked my way around it. As the 'Vintage' in 'Vintage Secret Santa' make already believe, the pain of the game is the element of vintage or vintage inspired. I went for the latter and made her a pink faux fur collar/cape and -after a little snoop around the interwebs- I found this metal postcard (who knew they excisted) with a pin up on a motorcycle (besides being a pink-head, Esther also enjoys classic motorcycles and loves midcentury clothing DING-DING! I know I'm good...). To complete the job I wrapped it all up -according to theme- and send it on its way. AND I WAS SO NERVOUS! What if she didn't like it or ya know, it got lost in the post or worse BOTH! But luckily all was fine... I mean, three photos on Instagram is a sign of genuine excitement AND 'the gift wrapping queen of the lowlands <3' is definitely going on my CV. Without a doubt.

As my mother rightfully stated: "This gal (she didn't say 'gal', but lets pretend she did) really has done her homework!". And I can hardly argue with her. That bag, that brooch and that hat/turban are just the cutest (and very very me... I already know how to wear them, so more (*ahum* better) pictures coming soon!). Thank you a million times to my Secret Santa, Hilde (on Instagram: @demuze), for these absolutely perfect gifts! You've done an outstandingly good job... (something to put on your CV). ;)

Oh, I'm already looking forward to next year! It's rather addicting, really...


* "The premise of this wintertime gift exchange is very simple: One signs up, is partnered with a randomly assigned partner, your name is likewise teamed with a random match, you send out a gift (or gifts) using the details that your VSS match provided when they signed up, and you in turn receive a gift from your own "Secret Santa." That's it, easy-peasy and fun as all get out!!!" By Jessica from Chronically Vintage [here]

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  1. You're very spoiled!!!
    Enjoy it all....

    love, Marjan

    1. I know, I know... *sigh* But it's the season to be jolly, right? ;)