The Ab Fab Scarf | Furreal Friends

by - December 13, 2015

I told her the only thing she looked good in was a body bag.
Patsy Stone

You're fabulous! Absolutely! However, this scarf... *hints to the pictures*
If something is going to make you look fab, it must be this oversized teddy bear hanging down your shoulders. Ya know what I'm saying? Within 4 easy steps you'll be walking, talking and fashioning like never before!

What I've used
30x2.00 cm brown(ish) fake fur
30x2.00 cm dark brown lining
Sewing machine
Thread and needle

  1. Put the good sides of the fabrics on top of each other, pin it.
  2. Sew all the sides together. Leave a gap on the side of about 5 cm.
  3. Turn everything inside out through the gap. Stitch the gap up with thread and needle.
  4. Now slap this scarf over your shoulder and parade all the way to your next destination!

Edina Monsoon: We'll go on public transport, Pats.
Patsy Stone: Are you mad? I've got nothing to wear on public transport.

Fabulous, darling! Absolutely! You haven't looked like this in years. If you're still wondering on how to incorporate this skinned teddy bear into your own wardrobe, don't despair! Especially for you, yes you (ain't ya just special), I've made a 'How I Style' video to get you through these dark times. Click [here] to go to the video. Or [here]. Or even [here]. How wonderful, darling! How wonderful!


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  1. looking great!!!!

    love Marjan

  2. The Ab Fab Scarf | Furreal Friends. 20:00. I told her the only thing she looked good in was a body bag. Patsy Stone. You're fabulous! Absolutely ...