Raise Your Hands And You Will Fly

by - December 18, 2015

Picture taken in 1926

Oh slowly she goes
Leaving her life beside the road
There I'll never know
But it's ok 'cause I'll let her go
Lee Ryan - Free

Today is the first day of my vacation (or rather: yesterday was the first day of my vacation, but one of my teachers thought it to be a good idea to just not do that. Stupid teacher). At the end of the year I always get 'fed up' about everything. Enough is enough, really. 2015 has had its moments and now I'm just ready to move on (well, move on in the sense of being free as a bird and fly away to... my bed and a good book. Oh! And a big cup of tea. And while you're at it, a biscuit would be nice too! Not in the sense of being 'done' with 2015 because I've still got an awful lot of things to do and I just don't seem to have the time for it all. *sigh* Is there a possibility where we can stretch 2015 just a little longer, add a new month or something, so I can have some breathing-space to get the things done I need to get done?).

Anyway, today I've been busy busy busy with my #vintagesecretsanta gift. I think it turned out very nice (wouldn't mind gifting it to myself, so we're good at that front) and I'm actually quite nervous as to wether my secret Santa receiver will appreciate it... Oh well, all will be revealed shortly (when I've received my packaging I'll share the gifts I've got and naturally will also show you the gifts I've given. And that's indeed yet another 12 Days of Christmas post sealed).

As I was so busy busy busy with my #vintagesecretsanta (ahum -busy singing and dancing along to mr Bublé with a cup of tea in my hand while Jack was looking at me with his head slightly tilted), I -as you might've noticed from this so far AMAZING blogpost- hadn't had the time to make something a bit better than this. Just a bit better, really, who are we kidding? Again: Oh well, all will be revealed shortly. Or not. (thats the kind of cliffhanger you'll naturally will return for to this blog! Keeping it real and spicy here. Very spicy. Ooh la la! (sorry)).


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  2. I can't wait....
    The suspence is killing me.....

    love, Marjan