A Musical Trip Down Memory Lane #1

by - December 05, 2017

Music shapes the way you experience the world. Sitting in a train looking out of the window listening to Return to sender by Elvis Presley or At last by Etta James is a completely different experience, amiright? The same thing goes for the music we grow up with. We not only choose our own music when we're but wee little ones, but we are -sometimes forced- to listen to the music played by our parents. This not only makes us pick certain songs when sitting in a train, but it also creates a particular soundtrack for our (younger) years on this earth.

"Food and music, what else do you want in life?"

I'm quite lucky with my parents' music taste. Though they are sometimes quite the opposite, moaning at each other after 'too much' Bublé or Hazes, they generally agree on the accepted classics. To find out more about my train picks I spontaneously interviewed them during supper. Food and music, what else do you want in life? In this two part series I ask my parents about their first vinyl record, concert and what they think of today's music.

That cute little bean in the middle is my dad!


We start with my father: to us Rob, on his birth certificate Robert, but his mum actually wanted to call him Robertino after hearing the name in a song. Unfortunately my grandpa thought it wasn't very fitting to have a Robertino running around among the otherwise very-Dutch names. So Robert it was. Fun fact: my parents wanted to call me Domino after hearing Domino by Clouseau, but decided against it as they thought it wasn't fitting to have a pizza advertisement running around (although honestly I wouldn't have mind to be called Domino. Quite cool. Quite edgy. I like pizza...).

Born in the 1960s, growing up in the 1970s and teening in the 1980s, Rob has had quite the music experience under his belt...

What's your favourite kind of music?

I love rock ballads. It's something that can really settle with you internally. It's totally different from what a singer or songwriter normally does and is -for me- a sign of artistry.

"My mother saw music synonymous to long haired trouble makers. With guitars."

What was the first vinyl record you bought?

It was this collectors record with all kinds of rock music on it like AC/DC. My mother absolutely despised it. I got it when I was sixteen or seventeen. I never had enough money to spend on such a thing before and music wasn't really a thing in our household. My mother saw music synonymous to long haired trouble makers. With guitars. I guess because during the 1970s my older sister went all flower power, which really shook up my parents. So they weren't that keen on me exploring my rock side. ;) Although at that time and at that age you automatically disliked anything your parents liked and vice versa.

What do you think of current music compared to back-in-the-day?

Music was definitely much much better. They used to make real music, now it's just covers or copywriting the past. I think it isn't necessarily about the music but the rhythm. I mean, the Rolling Stones are now still popular. Isn't that just crazy?!

First concert you've been to?

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Rotterdam, Ahoy. It was HUGE. The saxophonist had a fifteen minutes long solo. Everyone went crazy.

Most impressive live performance you've experienced?

Michael Jackson. Without a doubt. No one can compete with him. It's a million dollar production that toured around. A real entertainer. ALSO: Tina Turner. After seeing her I was energised for three weeks afterwards. She's crazy on stage.

Who would you like to see live? (Dead or alive)

(Without any hesitation) U2. If you've ever heard Rattle and Hum you know what real music is. I only want them see perform Rattle and Hum, though.

Who's your favourite contemporary artist?

I really enjoy Rag'n'Bone Man. I actually bought his CD the other day. Also Dotan is really good.

"Fields, rain and Masda 929's I now know don't mix well together."

A fun musical anecdote?

When me and a friend went to the Michael Jackson concert in Belgium (23 August 1988), we were the first ones to arrive and proudly (and cheaply) parked my car at the back of a field. We conquered an amazing place in the stadium and couldn't be happier with ourselves. As said, the concert was amazing and as we leave, we notice it's been raining. Fields, rain and Masda 929's I now know don't mix well together. We were the first ones to arrive and we were definitely the last ones to go. Finally at six o'clock the next morning we could convince a farmer to pull us out. After we bribed him with 25 Dutch guilders.

5 Rock Ballad's Recommended by Rob

In no particular order...

  1. Every breath you take by The Police
  2.  Carrie by Europe
  3. Please forgive me by Bryan Adams
  4. Knockin on heavens door by Guns N' Roses
  5. Hallelujah by Bon Jovi

[I'd like to thank all the cool people on Tumblr for their vinyl pictures. If you're one of the cool people featured, please don't be shy and claim your credit!]

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