When Blogmas Becomes Grinchmas

by - December 01, 2017

I, in contrast to many other people, am not a very festive person. Sure, my eyes glisten when walking through our local garden centre when its buried in fake snow, twinkle lights and baubles that can decorate every tree -Christmas specific or not- in the world. And sure, I don't mind festive lights on the street or the sound of Michael Bublé coming out of my radio. I'm unfestive, not a cold hearted monster.

"Because lets face it, consensual or not, if it were up to the shops September would already be seen as Christmas-appropriate (which it isn't)."

But still I'm glad, after our trip to the garden centre, to close the door and shut out all the merriness that comes with the season. Or the season before it. Because lets face it, consensual or not, if it were up to the shops September would already be seen as Christmas-appropriate (which it isn't). Now the hype, thankfully, starts a little bit later after the clock strikes 00:01 on November the first. Although I'm already pushing it as, yes, you probably have already been greeted by a snowman before the first of November. If not by some 'cool guy' who thought it was 'funny' to dress like a snowman for Halloween (which it isn't).

When looking up possible content for Blogmas (literally just typed 'blogmas' into Google search. But still, the effort that went into it...), I more and more came to realise how much of an unfestive person I am. Admittedly I already have attempted a Blogmas of sorts back in 2015, last year I did a pitiful and downright lazy attempt with #bookmas and this year it is once again my own brain who has deluded me into thinking this is a good idea despite my apparent disgust and low tolerance for the whole affair. Also me having 1) no time to spare and 2) nothing to share should've been taken into consideration but nooooo my brain just flat out ignores my pains and needs in favour of some fictional man in a red coat. Merry bloody Christmas.

My itchy Christmas-rash

Going by the festive suggestions given by past-fellow Blogmas colleagues (who are willing to not only devote every. single. blogpost. on Christmas but are also sincere enthusiasts spreading 'cheerfulness' all the ho-ho-ho way round. Which, I get, is basically the whole idea behind this thing. But still), I've identified my so called Christmas-rash. My problem. My infestiveness, if you please. I think that my disgruntled spirit stems from *dramatic drum roll* my non-religious, non-traditional and non-social background. This is most evident in the many possible Blogmas posts that are already eliminated for me from the get-go. Favourite Christmas family tradition? Have none. Christmas tree reveal? Have none. Favourite Christmas decoration? Have no... actually my mother bought a bauble the other day. It's a red car with a tree on it. Can't say it's my favourite though. YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?

I basically have no reason to be giddy and excited about this what-now-turns-out-to-be regular Monday. Yes, I won't have to go to uni, but my classes always start on Tuesday, so what's the relief in that? Deadlines go ahead as usual. *puts fist in the air* If only I had any sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or, you know, happiness (jk), I'd be much more steamed ready for this time of year. I'd be ambushing all the potential Christmas trees in the forest, fight over the last chicken nuggets with an old lady in the supermarket despite being a vegetarian and whole-heartedly shout every Christmas carol I know when cycling though the city throwing tinsel in the air. It could be amazing! If it didn't sound so awful...

"I will do my very-merry best, as much as my own soul allows me to be, to make this Blogmas festive."

This and probably many other internal (and external) struggles will take centre stage these coming days. Although I will do my very-merry best, as much as my own soul allows me to be, to make this Blogmas festive. There will be a little bit more non-Christmas spirit sprinkled around than is usually expected within this 'tradition'. I will also do my very-merry best to actually (try to) fulfil my obligations as a self-employed/implied Blogmas blogger and (try to, hope to *fingers crossed* *touch wood*) upload 25 blogposts from now on. I know, that's literally more posts than I've written all year so... you know... you're welcome.

So get on board my imaginary sledge led by fifteen corgi's wearing fake beards flying over a hot-chocolate lake while looking critically at everything and lets make this Blogmas okay-ish!

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