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by - December 08, 2017

Look it me! #originalcontentcomingyourway24/7

Yesterday's post was a mess. Today's post isn't going to be any better. However maybe that's also the charm of an unprepared #Blogmas. You never know what you get. And maybe it's also a good exercise. Although I do believe in 'quality over quantity' it's often the question what this idea of quality is and whether the quality in mind is achievable in the first place and if not achievable sometimes even undesirable. Not in terms for the blogger but in terms for the reader. You (I) might ask myself what a reader wants?

"Basically: shitty posts can be inviting and exciting."

Well, easy answer: something to read. Now the question is what this something is. And perhaps this is already concluded somewhat by my sister in the Blogmas day 2 post (I peaked too early): generally when it comes to blogs readers want something 'easy' and 'relaxing'. Something fun to read beginning, during or ending the day (pro blogger tip: avoid talking about death, doom and despair). Although I myself always try to search/reach an undefined 'higher ground', this doesn't necessarily mean others do so too. Or others do so too but not every day. Certainly not every day of Blogmas. Let alone an unprepared Blogmas. Basically: shitty posts can be inviting and exciting. As said, you never know what you get.

It's an invasion! Bugs?

It moves.

On creative writing

Although I'm not very good at it, I've always liked creative writing. When I was ten or eleven I practically wrote a novel based on 'historic' events (witches. I wrote about witches) and for my drama graduation play I set-up and co-wrote the whole thing (and with co-wrote I mean I basically, actually wrote everything and/or re-wrote everything the others had written. Yes, I was one of those annoying classmates. #sorrynotsorry If it's of any comfort I got a lower grade as I was also responsible for the stage design but mostly neglected it as I was too busy writing and the other person who was also responsible for the stage design cleverly decided to do nothing. Literally nothing. So I had to gather everything last minute and it looked a bit shit. Except for my clowns suit (don't ask) which I did plan ahead and my mum made and I looked absolutely fabulous darling).

Antartica! Unbearable! ;)

I also wrote an odd article here and there for the school newspaper (I wrote about Elvis. Because I thought, 'hey, that's what all teenage kids are into and read the school newspaper for'. Just so you know, they don't. They don't care either about Elvis or read the school newspaper. I was/am/will always be a bad reporter) and I even participated in a creative writing contest. Which I lost. BUT I got an honourable mention for my use of metaphors (I compared whatever with the brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh. Yes, I am unapologetically pretentious). These 'experiences', I'd like to believe, eventually led up to this very moment of despair...

Snow. Why?

Do you even Christmas?


Light up my patchwork

Today was that kind of day you're easily going to forget. It was a bit like a patchwork (you see, I use ALL of the best metaphors... I could be the next John Green/TFIOS. The patchwork is a metaphor, so I'm not going to light it but hold it pressed between my lips and then I die a sad death. Because that's what the book's about, right? I was robbed of that first price). WE HAD SNOW, I almost forgot to mention. The first snow of the year but more importantly the first snow for Saar! She wasn't the biggest fan but appreciated the gesture of nature (as long as she didn't had to be dragged through it).

"We went to our local garden centre. AGAIN. I know, I practically live there now."

One step for man kind...

Mmmm... what's that... mmmm....

I started the day first with going along to the hospital with my mum (she had to give a blood sample) and then we went to our local garden centre. AGAIN. I know, I practically live there now. That's also where all these festive pictures are coming from. And the more I walk through there, the more I felt a certain hostility (but more about that in another blogpost! Ooooh something to look forward to: me being bitter about everyone's favourite holiday. Is this why I'm a bad blogger?). When we came home it was already midday and I could finally have my breakfast. And tea. *deep sigh* A cup of tea which I, together with beforementioned boring breakfast, had to skip in order to go to the hospital with mum only to hear she wished my sister was there. Ungrateful. (She wished my sister was there because of the snow and as she can drive cars and I don't. But still, I can try, right? Please appreciate me too mummy-dear!).

I really liked this #truevintage rug (patchwork?! No, it isn't a patchwork, but it's the thought that counts...), but it was already sold... Noooooooooooooooooooo! *sad face*

Creepy. Do not trust this man.

Why you fake? *tears*

And then everything just became this big blur of uni work and sleep (or: I fell asleep while doing uni work. Very good going) up till dinner and now this. Which all isn't very exciting. Or inviting. Certainly lacks a 'higher ground' but the metaphors are top notch so we can't complain too much. *coughs* Also I'm still tackling bad internet, so I'm afraid Google still hasn't forgiven me for yesterdays insinuations. Also: what do you think about these kinds of posts, dearest reader? (look at me, being all interactive).

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