I Pattern, You Pattern, We Pattern

by - June 06, 2013

I like to mix patterns. Floral dessins with checks? No problemo! Plaid with polkadot? Ay sir, you know me well! In my eyes there's little that can go wrong when you mix it all up. It can make an outfit different, outstanding or even stirring. For me it's a game to find the most exciting combinations.

However sometimes you have to let a piece just be. For example my mother made me this sort of coat/dress-thingy with a lovely rich design, and I just feel like I ought to keep it at rest. I mean let the thingy speak for itself, as it is a rather fine thingy. 

Back on the “do mix”-road, I've found my ultimate check-mate in Tavi Gevinson. Sometimes patterns are associated with cultural assets. The one thing is inseparable from the other (like a plaid/tartan pattern with Scotland). So it's often hard to get rid of that feeling and just go with what it can offer you. Tavi made a modern impression by putting all these different, yet the same type of pattern together. Making the ultimate clash only the self-assured dares to wear.


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