You Shall Not Pass!

by - June 30, 2013

Somewhere between slaying a dragon, hugging a tree, destroying a ring and seducing an elf, I've been sitting through my exams and [drumroll] I've passed. Yay. So now it's time for some extreme relaxing... but not before I pick up my well deserved diploma.

So let's cut-chase to the important part: what was I wearing? How very kind of you to ask. Well, I was wearing a combination that was so Chanel, that it was remarkable that non of it actually was (except for the lipstick part, that was like so Chanel).

Gliding down the stairs I felt like a contestant of the Alexa Chung-look-a-like Competition. unfortunately I came second, after some girl called Alexa...suspicious...

Also unfortunate is the quality of my camera. Crappy cam was at its best during this important event, so non of the pictures are sharp (or even pictures). Just imagine the black and white blur is a girl looking a bit awkward. Because awkward it was. 

Because I had the highest score for Art, the Art-department decided to give me a present. Which is very lovely and I'm very gratefull. However, no one else got something extra's for their achievements. Although, I'm not gonna brag (I'm gonna brag), I also had the highest score for my English (I've even done it better than my teacher) and they didn't gave me anything except for some paper or something whereby I can apply for any school after my choice. How cheap!

This isn't the first time I did exams. And this isn't the first time I'm the only one who receives a present for the results of it. I think I'm doing something wrong.


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