Warning: This Program Contains Scenes Of Tedious Dullness Right From The Start

by - June 20, 2013

It's often said that antiquity shows ought to be approached with caution, because of their great power to bore you to death. However that's not the case with Bargain Hunt. Bargain Hunt is most entertaining, thanks to its host Tim Wonnacott.

Basically with Bargain Hunt you've got two teams (red and blue). These teams compete against eachother by buying three items at a flea market within a certain period of time (I thought three hours, but am not certain about it... it doesn't really matter, so carry on reading). Then they try to sell them with a profit at an auction house. The team with the biggest profit wins. Although, the participants at Bargain Hunt are known to be unlucky... so mostly the team with the smaller loss wins.

Tim talks all the bits together, shows us something remarkable he's seen at the flea market, visits some old estates and gives commentary at the purchased treasures by the teams. Tim is sassy where needed and wears the most amazing combinations. He's not afraid for a pink glasses-yellow bow tie-tartan gilet-blue suit outfit. He will wear it with pride and elegance.

By the way, isn't that coat on the right absolutely gorgeous!

Tim is the personification of the stereotype Englishman, and I like it. Nowadays you don't see them as often as you used to do. So everytime Tim appears on the tv screen, I'm watching with delight and a cup of tea- and a notebook (we can learn from this man).

So lets go Bargain Hunting, yes? YES!


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