Saint Kidd Saturday

by - June 24, 2013

… or Monday. Or in fact every given day. Because wearing Saint Kidd isn't specifically bound to any day. Though Saturday is the day we wear Saint Kidd. Or in my case Friday (I know, it's all very confusing).

Last Friday I had my pre-Saint Kidd Saturday-day... party. Wearing Saint Kidd makes you feel instantly “cool and happening”. And as a bonus track: It makes you act like a pirate! (that last bit could just be me... argh).

The captain in action

 The mother of Saint Kidd (a.k.a. The Captain (a.k.a. Dougie Poynter from the all mighty McFly)), has based this company upon the story of William Kidd. William Kidd was born in the decade where pirates were more than alive. His mission was to capture those little buggers and counteract the French (sacrebleu).
Unfortunately Kidd wasn't that succesful and his debts kept groing. His crew pressured him and they began to raid any non-English ship. Making them look more like pirates than servants of the throne.

On the 30th of January 1698, Kidd and crew made their biggest catch when overtaking the Quedah Merchant. An English ship. Although, both pretended to be French and without realizing it, Kidd made a massive-huge-oh my giddy giddy gosh- mistake.

He felt like to confess and clear the air with the English. But, of course, not before he buried the treasure.
Back in England they weren't that fond of Kidd's action and they put him at rest (DEATH PENALTY).

So, the first question that comes to mind: Where is the treasure now? Well our lucky captain had some luck left and found it! No gold, though. Some tee shirts and stuff.

So join the dark side. We wear Saint Kidd (and have cookies... an endless supply on cookies).

Shirt: Saint Kidd/ Skirt: Handade by me/ Shoes: H&M/ Bracelet: Fashionology/ Upper Bracelet: Flea Market

Sources: Picture 1

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