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I'm loving it... "it", I've realized, can be anything or everything for that matter. Because even the stuff that makes you feel uncomfartable or sad or whatever can give you this sort of satisfaction. Every coin has two sides and the result of these bittersweet symphonies can be less bitter and more sweet. Naturally you don't experience this during the process or happening. But after some time (a second, an hour, a day, a year, a decade or a century) you come to the conclusion that it's led you to another place or state of mind that's provoked some kind of behaviour or train of thoughts that somehow can make you into a (better) person. However, that's a bit irrelevant when you for the sake of -your own- entertainment choose some random things you've been loving this month and write about it for the sake of remembrance (reminding yourself that there's a lot to love) wherefore you make a list of stuff and rearrange things to importance or worth mentioning (or too personal for mentioning). This can make other things seem -less- meaningless. But like, whatever...

We've got a new teapot and it matches with our sugarbowl and we (my mom and I) are very content with it.

For some unknown reason I've always been scared to set the house on fire. Not because I drunkenly walk around with a torch in my hand or anything, but just because I figured it's a reasonable thing to be scared off. However, to undermine that feeling I've been burning some scented candles in my room for the first time since ever. And I haven't set the house on fire yet *touch wood*. AND I quite like it. It can be very relaxing after you get used to it (after you've suspiciously stared at it for hours, just in case it desides to go crazy and starts to spit fire like a dragon or shizzle).

As ya'll might know, or not, or you do but you've forgotten about it, I go to college in Amsterdam (I wanted to type school but my mom's told me off on that because I don't go simply to school but to college. What the difference between those two is escapes me). I first have to cycle my way to the railway station and every so often my dad comes and meet me in the middle when I'm on my way home. Alright. So the other day we did our regular routine. I stood infront of a traffic light and my dad was on the other side, so I waved. The light turned green, so I crossed the road (as you do). And while crossing the road this guy who'd stood on the other side (where my dad was), thought I'd waved at him and thus he, while passing by, waved AND winked at me with the most confidence look I've ever seen until this day. There was no doubt in his mind that I, an absolute stranger he's never met in his life, could be waving at someone behind him. He gently forgot the rule of not waving when a stranger is waving at you because 99.999999999999999999% strangers don't wave at strangers but someone behind strangers. And that one time a stranger on purpose waves at you must be a weirdo. Hereby not talking about the percentage of people who do not follow up on this rule and blankly wave back. However, this wasn't a blank wave, this was a full on, not looking aside, here I am- wave (and wink, which gave me the creeps). I looked at my dad, who'd witnessed the whole situation, and started laughing and he started laughing and it was really funny. Good story, I know, I know...

In the 9th issue of the gentlewoman they've interviewed Vivienne Westwood. And it's amazeballs! I've never really picked up an issue of this particular magazine, because it's nowhere to be found in my neighbourhood. But when I went to Amsterdam Central Station and saw it laying on the shelf in a shop, I immediately grabbed it. I've seen the magazine before on the internet with Angela Lansbury and really wanted to have it (ya'll know how much I love my Jessie B.). However, Vivienne Westwood is a good second I think. The editorials are looking fresh and sharp and everything has been smartly written (if you get what I mean). The interview itself, as been expressed above with amazeballs, was indeed amazeballs. Here are some bits and bobs that stood out for me (copy and pasting the whole interview is unfortunately impossible. And illegal.):

"If you can't afford something, don't get something that is half the price that you don't really like. Don't do that".

"(...) I think people assumed Westwood was a sensationalist too. And a part of her is. She wants to be different. She wants to be special. She wants to be noticed. It's just that she wants to be considered different, special and noticable in a more profound way. Westwood is not without arrogance, but that's OK, because her high opinon of herself is backed up by her achievements, the mark she's made on the world."

"There's so much going on in the heads of the intellectually exceptional that they often find a means of expression beyond words - music, maths, sport, art or even clothing - because words, prose anyway, can only express one thing at a time."

Talking about written words, Rookie has some good essays going on lately (as ever). For -some recent- example Feel Good Lost, Not About Love and especially Our World Alone made a big impression on me. Also I loved this bit at the beginning of the interview with Kelis (which I must admit haven't read fully because the battery of my phone died *sad face*):

"The other thing is, I think self-image—what you actually think is cool and worthy—is really important, and it’s hard to keep our own perspective as much as we should. But I think you should take a moment to really think about who you are—not who you want people to think you are. I think a lot of the image people are putting on you, you’re then putting on yourself. Now, I really stop for a second, sit in silence—learn to sit in silence, which is a really important concept for young people, but I didn’t always do that. Sit in silence and really take the time to think about what your brain is, what you’re doing and who you are within that, and accept all the ways you’re vulnerable. I think it changes your perspective."

So yeah, keep up the good work Rookie! (as ever naturally).

Time for a cup of coffee?

For those who follow me on Instagram might already know this (right, like, who follows me on Instagram...). It's the most exciting thing that will happen this year: Jack is on a proper card! OH. MY. GIDDY. GIDDY. GOSH. And by now I've heard a lot of sceptic voices going "Yes, that's indeed a Jack Russell depicted on that card". But no, you don't understand that's actually, like for realzz my dog. "Aha", you say, "if you say so". *walks away with a smug face*
So last year, when Jack was just a little puppy, he'd done a photoshoot with Ivonne (who's a professional stock-photographer) and now some company has bought a picture of that particular photoshoot and put it on a card (as to be seen above). Ivonne has written a post about it on her blog (which is in Dutch, I'm sorry). And for those who still don't believe that that's really really Jack, if you scroll down further on her blog or just click on this link here, oh yeah, you just happen to see my awful face on your computerscreen.

There apparently is this app called EmotiKarl. Hereby you can send someone a message with emoticons related to Karl Lagerfeld (think Lagerfeld himself, his hands, his cat etc.). And basically it's the most stupid thing ever and I really love it! I've been stalking my mum with all kinds of silly messages accompanied with La Lagerfeld himself. If you've got nothing to do and you want everyone to know it, let Karl accompany the message and the sun will shine bright!

Music-wise, I've been loving this collab between Janelle Monáe and Kimbra singing an absolute amazing cover/mashup of Aretha Franklin's Rocksteady and Michael Jackson's Wannabe Starting Something. I've got it on repeat!

Also on repeat is the band Badflower. Their music is amazing! It's a bit dark (especially my favourite song of them Mother Mary), but very relaxing and cool and raw and rocking and it makes me happy and sad at the same time (which is a good thing).

Another song that's sticked to me is the most popular Happy by Pharrell Williams. Everyone who hasn't heard of this song must be living under a rock (a rock called rock 'n' roll owwwhhhyeahhh!!). The song just doesn't leave you alone, but that's sort of a good thing because it's got a good positive message (as may be deducted from the title of the song). Can't nothing bring me down, My level's too high...

And to end this blogpost with some wise words -and also keeping in spirit with the music:"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go". (Oscar Wilde)


P.s. My mom just written her first blogpost (with some help from moi, but she's soon going to be flying solo...). So if you're interest, please check out her blog!

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