by - February 18, 2015

I, like many more in this world, like to document my life in all ways possible. One of those ways is this book. Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal with 365 witticisms by Jane Austen is a five year journal whereby you can put pen to paper and let your thoughts out . As you've might noticed, this book is however a -different- take on the One Line A Day journal. This twist is naturally to be found in the title. This book doesn't just want to capture your thoughts, but handle them in such a way that for instance your opinion over a certain subject can be collected through the years. As it states on the back: Let the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen guide you throughout the next five years.

Each day has got it's own quote by Jane Austen (from her novels as well her personal correspondence) and it's up to you to comment/relate/whatever you like regarding the quote of the day. I myself find it a very endearing project and as it states, as the years go by, you'll notice how your commentary evolves.

Although, to be honest, I don't always have time or just simply forget to write something down. So sometimes I'll bulk write all the days that have already passed up till the day we're on (never do I write anything before the day has started, because how else am I supposed to reflect upon it/think about something as being a day older. Opinions and matters can change within a day!).

On the other side, aesthetically this book is an absolute dream. Just look at that gold on the side of the pages and the silhouettes covering the front and that colour... It's simply the best!


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