by - March 07, 2015

Although February only has 28 days, within those days I've put extensive care in liking stuff. That's right. From now on I'm a professional in liking stuff. Impressive, I know.

This month I've taken the plunge to go and start using a mascara that isn't from Chanel (but YSL, so ya know, not yet price tag friendly). I've used a new foundation, but also took use of the good ol' products that've already been decorating my face for quite some time now. I'd like to make a special note for my coat: I couldn't have survived this absolutely freezing month without it. There's nothing like standing at the station while slowly trying to crawl back into this lovely coat. So goodies on you coat! You're a good one... ;) Also this month can't just get passed without mentioning Paloma Faith. Her voice is absolutely amazing, her stage presence is drool-worthy and her tshirts are amazing (and surprisingly soft!).


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