Weekly List of Loves *CHRISTMAS EDITION*

by - December 14, 2015

I connect emotionally to these songs. I mean what I say when I say it, 
and that allows your audience to connect. That's the number one reason 
why any music is succesful, because you make people feel something.
Michael Bublé

What's Christmas without mr Bublé? NOTHING! YOU HEAR ME! N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!! In fact I sometimes think that mr Bublé is Christmas. I mean, that voice, those songs.... He is Christmas. End of discussion.

No longer do we have to dread the dark winter months in Amsterdam! From now until January the 17th you'll be able to attend (or just walk into, really) the Amsterdam Light Festival. All over the capital they (whoever they might be) have 'planted' all kinds of light installations from (inter)national light artists, creating the most beautiful views (and you thought the canals were A-OK? Canals with lights, that's where the real deal is at!). There are some great installations around my school and it really makes me smile when walking to the subway station. I haven't seen all of the installtions (yet) but I think my favourite is either the one in front of Hermitage Amsterdam or when you turn around to face the city at central station and there's just this sea of stars shining your way. *sigh*

Hot chocolate, warm chocolate, liquid chocolate, chocolate.... Pour me a cup of chocolate any kind, put some whipped cream on top, let it sink in a little and the world suddenly becomes a better place. Actually, the one pictured above, is a whole other dimension of hot chocolate consuming. I mean, that one will take preparation! But if you're a dare devil, you can go [here] and try to define the laws of hot chocolate making yourself. I salute you!

FOOD! But not just any kind of food, pictures of food. I find that around this time of year the pictures of food becomes remarkably more luscious, sensational and maybe -when done good- sensual. I mean, I will never ever be able to recreate that pure heaven you've just created, but I can indeed drool all over that perfect picture you've taken of it, with that pretty decked table, smiling faces, happiness, food, memories, forks, knives, whatever! It's all just amazing... Lets get yourself inspired! If you're looking for some minimal yet bombastic and impressive tables, I'd recommend you go and check out Local Milk. Those photo's! Those food! Those everything! Perfection, pure perfection...

What's on your CHRISTMAS list of loves this week? 


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