Hi, My Name Is Fifi [WOOF] [WOOF]

by - July 04, 2013

I need to confess something. The outfit I claimed I was wearing today (on the 4th of July), isn't infact the outfit I wore today. To be more precise: I went American on the 1st of July, then did some mojo-losing on the 2nd... so are you interested in seeing what I actually wore today? No? Me neither, but that's just the way this blog roles SO YOU JUST HAVE TO GO WITH IT!

Trousers + Shoes + Hat: H&M/ Shirt: James Dean Collection/ Blouse without sleeves: Benetton/ Necklace: Forgot the name of the store... sorry/ Sunglasses: Flea market

I've got a little funny anekdote about that chocker necklace. Well not that funny, but I expect some chuckles.

When I was about 13 years old, I was obsessed with this German band called Tokio Hotel. Their frontman, Bill Kaulitz, always wore a choker necklace. In my aspiration to be the female version of him, I had to have such a necklace.

So of we go to the city, looking for a replica Bill necklace. It took some time before we could find anything resembling it (but we obviously found one).

Bill Kaulitz... without a chocker necklace, oh the irony!
The store selling the necklace was a combination of a survival-underground-gothic-military dump... store. Very exciting stuff, I know. The salesman was a young bold lad with military trousers on. He asked if he could help us and innocent looking me said: “Yes, I would like to buy that choker necklace laying in the display case”. Well, to be honest, my dad said that, I just looked innocent. The salesman asked: “For who is it?”, whereby all my family members pointed at me and he began to laugh. “Alright then, little girl, go try it on”. So I did try it on and when I turned back around facing the salesman, he was laughing and laughing and laughing... Then he began to bark at me and calling me Fifi (like the name of a dog your nan would probably own... you know, like a mop on four legs). 

Bit embarrassing at that time, but know very funny. Every time I'm wearing this necklace everyone starts barking at me and calling me Fifi... very funny. Though, if I've ever found fame, I would use Fifi as my stage name and I would only wear choker necklaces... well and some clothes to match the look... and some shoes... maybe a hat...


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