Pancake The Whole Day Through!

by - July 28, 2013

Shirt: DIY Customized by me/ Skirt: Made by my mum/ Shoes: H&M/ Glasses: Thrift Store

I loooooooooove pancakes! It's one of those dishes you could wake me up for in the middle of the night. Since it's one of my darlings, I though I should've learn how to prepare them. You know, for future use.

As stated before: I'm a horrible cook. Instead of 900 ml milk, I added 900 ml of water (don't know why, but I did it). So my sister was obliged to go to the supermarket and go get us some more pancake ingredients stuff. In the meantime I worked on my own gluten free pancakes and guess what... good the first time. I'm so proud of myself.

When my sister came back with the stuff, she didn't leave me alone, just to be sure. Everything went well the second time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted!

Upper: Gluten free pancakes/ Below: "Normal" pancakes


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