I Think I Fell In Love Again

by - July 28, 2013

I had the greatest luck of catching the last minutes of this program called "Tussen Kunst & Kitsch". A show about distinguishing the diamonds from the glass and, more importantly, estimating how much this diamond is worth (money, money, money, must be funny in the rich man's world).

The last item was a painting by Jan Portielje. Very lovely and sweet looking with great charism. I mean how much more material for characterising a moment between two ladies do you want? Oh, I feel a whole dialogue coming up. However before I could submit myself to my casual daydreaming, this lady walked by. This lady wore a coat made out of embroidery of famous paintings... all made by herself!

Girl, you could work the catwalk! I'm in love! Another sentence with an exclamation mark just for the heck of it! Yeah! I want that coat! Please give me, give me, give me!

Alright that's it. Have a nice day.


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