Antiquity & Waffle War

by - August 14, 2013

Last Sunday we went to an antiquity market in Belgium, Tongeren. But instead of bying antiquities, I've bought hats and dresses. Though to be fair the hats are sort of antique... The dresses I've bought in a gothic-metal shop called Moonlight and could be antique.

In comparising to last year, there were loads more people walking around (and I recall that last year I also spend most of my money on Moonlight than on the market... oops).

My mum almost triggered a war when ordering waffles. She said she wanted Luikse waffles. "We only have Brussels waffles", the waiter said unpleased. "Is there a difference than?", my mum asked innocently. "Yes", he said dreary. "Well, what's the difference?". "Luikse waffles have big clots of sugar in it". "Oh yes, you're right. Well, we'd like some Brussels waffles than. Anyhow I like them better". So the waiter took our orders and I don't know what changed, but in the end he said that he liked us and that's why we got more whipped cream. Yay.

Now some pictures of us sitting on a terrace, because I've forgotten to take pictures of the market self.


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