Didn't It Rain

by - August 07, 2013

Today we went to Germany, Kleve. The moment we stepped into the car, it began to rain and it hasn't stop raining upon this very moment I'm writing these words (back home...  where it's obviously also raining).

You've got dogs who like rain, you've got dogs who dislike rain and you've got Jack. The poor doggy had to stand outside for the whole day, in the rain. He must've thought "if this is doggy hell, I'm in a really bad state". But no worries we've been spoiling him ever since.

The plan was to take loads of beautiful pictures of Germany. However, my camera also really doesn't like rain, so I didn't dare to put him into action... so no pictures to show you. Shame. Though, especially for the occasion, I've made a drawing of what I was wearing today. You're very welcome.

Dress+Shoes: H&M/Vest:Jackpot/Bag:Primark/Socks:Zeeman/Bracelet: De Potstal/Necklace:From my grandma/Umbrella:Some weird, yet lifesaving shop in Germany
I'm not the best drawer in the world, but you get the point. It's an all black outfit with grey socks and the bag has embroided details (which I love). The umbrella was later added. After we were already soaked wet...


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