Blondie Meets Renoir

by - August 23, 2013

Top+Skirt: Made by me/ Jacket: Only/ Shoes: H&M/ Hat: Bought on the Antiquity Market Belgium

When making this set I was inspired by the cover of Parallel Lines by Blondie and La Loge by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. As my friend said to me "It sounds like you've just googled random stuff and put it together", but nothing is less true.

I'm an ultimate impressionism-fangirl and everytime I see this painting I feel like I'm staring back at a piece of me. You see an all dressed up woman sitting on a balcony at the opera. She looks voluminous and well aware of herself, yet her face is soft and numb. She doesn't particularly looks sad or happy or taken by the circus around her. She's physically present, but her mind is set of into the sunset.

The same is with Blondie. Debbie Harry is of course the persona of a rock chick. She knows the what, who, when and where. But at the same time she's out of this world. Living a dream and reaching for the impossible.

So I've tried to capture this in my "design" and think I've come close enough... I mean, you can signal almost every feeling through the medium of crocheting.


Sources: Picture 2/ Picture 3

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