Afternoon Tea

by - June 25, 2015

I checked the clock, it was time for afternoon tea. Perfect! 

As most of you probably know, I love myself a good cup of tea. I can't get enough of the stuff! So my sister and I thought it to be a marvelous good idea to go to Theetuin Eemnes (tea garden Eemnes) for our parents wedding anniversary. On Father's Day. Why not?

We went for a High Tea. Apparently the Dutch version is a misconception (as most Dutch things are), whereby high tea will be referred to in England/Scotland/Ireland as meat tea and our high tea is rather more like afternoon tea. However, we don't play by the rules and can have it WHENEVER we fancy it and call it WHATEVER we like to call it (the freedom!!). So we went in early around ten/ eleven-ish to our HIGH TEA.

So high tea, or afternoon tea if you like, has been 'created' around 1840 due to the tummy rumbling of Anna Russell (Duchess of Bedford). At about four o'clock Anna got hungry and didn't wanted to wait for diner. So her servants (because don't you worry Anna certainly wouldn't make some food for herself) made a light meal for her with tea (important. The tea is very important. Don't forget the tea!). Naturally most people fancy something to snack around four, as I personally certainly do, and the whole thing has never stopped since. Certainly not in the English Kingdom. But we 'foreigners' also know our ways around, don't you worry.

Now Theetuin Eemnes do all kinds of allergen-proof high teas. They've got gluten free, lactose free, peanut free, sugar free etc etc. So for those on the hunt for a 'special' high tea in the Netherlands, certainly go and check them out. Unfortunately they couldn't do some of their magic for me, but I was allowed to bring my own stuff AND I got my tea for free! Thanks guys, u da best!!

The whole place has been lovely decorated and besides the tea-business, they've also got a place where you can merry and their own antiquities shop attached. Oh, before I forget, they've also got some chickens and roosters running around. And children. Not their children, but children from people who brought their children to a high tea. They weren't that keen on it, apparently (but I've seen worst).

We had a tea-rriffic day out, although the weather was absolutely horrid. But that possibly adds to the Britishness of the whole thing, right? Although, the weather isn't very different between here and there. Their rain becomes our rain... Sadly.

Also, funny thing to add, when we came home my mother said that she craved for a cup of tea. WE JUST FINISHED A HIGH BLOODY TEA!! Oh well...


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