When You REALLY Have nothing to wear...

by - June 30, 2015

Those who claim that they've got 'nothing to wear', often have enough to wear but are just out of inspiration (guilty as charged!). Inspiration is a tough little fella who can break or make a day. However, nothing to despair, I've got you covered! On those challenging days just remember all of the beautiful things this world has created for you (so you don't have to)! There are so many, it'll make you dizzy. But not to worry (again)! Below you'll find just a slimmer of a list of things I always look at when in trouble to get you going (because too much is also de-stimulating). Just a glance and I'm fixed for the rest of the year!

The 80's Elite

I believe that the 1980's have been a time where the previous centuries of fashion history were clashed together. Creating an eclectic look that can tell you stories from the 80's to the 18th century. A bit of theatre, a sprinkle of drama, the 80's elite knew very well what they were doing. Or at least, their stylists knew very well what they were doing.

By taking things from the past, you can perfectly comment on the present and give a look into the glass ball for the future. My main queens of the ball are naturally Madonna and Debbie Harry. But also the lesser known and forgotten may attend the party.

Madonna, Madonna, where would the world be without Madonna? She hardly needs an introduction, just the name will do. But for the sake of it: Madonna is naturally the Queen of Pop, born in Baby City (Michigan) and named after her mother. She sings, she dances, she writes, she business, she changes and she Madonna's. Looking absolutely stunning just doing so. To be honest, I'm not very familiar with her later works (my inside knowledge will end around the 2000-period). However, the 80's Madonna I'm very fond of. From Material Girl to Like A Virgin, I've thoroughly examined the ways this Queen has coordinated her fabulous outfits...

Debbie Harry, better known as these cheekbones will kill you, is naturally the leadsinger of Blondie. A lovely lady with a particular air around herself that I certainly wish one day to breathe in. She's the definition of effortlessly cool. She doesn't need anything or anyone than herself. And some awesome clothing option to roam through. A tee hasn't been worn that well by anyone since madame Harry has shown her face around the scene. So keep hanging on the telephone and take direct inspiration from this mastermind.

British Detectives

I mean, imagine how some unfortunate Master Criminal would feel, on coming down to do a murder at the old Grange, if he found that not only was Sherlock Holmes putting in the weekend there, but Hercule Poirot, as well.
P.G. Wodehouse (The Code of the Woosters)

Where there's a murder, there's... well... a dead body. But also some lovely dressed detectives and suspects. The big question is naturally whodunit? Well, this theory hasn't led me down yet: If they've got style, they've done something vile. However, we're all willing to forgive them due to those killer -excuse me- outfits. So just turn on the tv, look at your screen and take notes! Who knows, you might just solve the case...


My definition of art doesn't just include paintings and statues. Art is something that can be attached to many forms of creating. Clothes can be art. So, to combine the two: clothes that are worn by the people in paintings. Sometimes it's just mesmerizing how the artist has reflected all the details of a clothing item to reflect the story. A good example of this is In The Conservatory by Edouard Manet. A double portrait of Jules Guillement and his wife. The clothes tell the story here. The glove that's been taken of, but the hands are not touching. The umbrella fiercely pointing at Mr. Guillement, but again not yet touching. What shall it mean? Besides naturally the fact that Mrs. Guillement has an impeccable taste.

Anything Green

I don't know why, but if it's green, it's inspiring. To me anyway. From green grass and big trees to Kermit the frog and his companions. So long it's green we're good. As Debbie seems to agree with me...

The Usual Suspects

The greatest advantage of living in the 21st century is naturally Social Media. So get your butt over to Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and all of the other apps under your thumb. 

A few of my favourites on Tumblr and Instagram:



P.s. Don't forget, literally anything can spark of that sprinkle! Even a spoon. With the right filter.


I hope this list will help you next time when you're with your hands in your hair, acompanied by piles of clothes on the ground (although, admittedly, that's just my room's decor. Don't judge).


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