Weekly List of Loves

by - January 17, 2016

If you're not giving it love, leave it the hell alone.
R. Queen

The return of the weekly-not so weekly list of loves! Booyah!

This week has been quite... well... sh*t. All the more important to make a list of loves...

I've been listening to Swim Deep's album Where The Heaven Are We on end (naturally followed up by Mothers, which is also very good and together they make an absolute excellent playlist) while writing essay after essay after essay. Yes, I know if I was a little bit better at time management I wouldn't be needing to write essay after essay after essay in high speed tempo, but you can't always get what you want! However, when put in this situation, I find that the music on this album is the best thing to listen to. It's mostly got a low tempered beat that's just perfect when banging your fingers passive aggressively onto the keyboard. Who'd thought?

Just in the nip of time I bought myself last year two trenchcoats in the local charity shop. One is your classic trench-colour trenchcoat and the other is a lovely green. And as a matter of fact I've been wearing that lovely green one for weeks (or 'week' but who's counting anyway), which is very out of character for someone who likes to wear -and actually can 'afford' to wear looking at my wardrobe- more coats during the week NAY, during the day!

Faces of the Victorian Era is one of my favourite yet disturbing (to some extend) blog I follow on Tumblr. The ladies and gentlemen presented on this blog look the part in every single way. But -as many with me will most probably acknowledge- there's always something... well... creepy, I guess, about pictures of dead people. Especially dead people you've never known or pictures of dead people who aren't related to you. I can endearingly look at a portrait of my great grandmother, but my oh my if it's some stranger of which the only thing you know is 'Young Lady c. 1880s' the goosebumbs on my neck are having a party. But besides it giving me the chills, I also absolutely ADORE these pictures. A real insight in Victorian Era portraiture (and therewith the 'latest' fashions) speaks mystery and intrigues the mind...

What's on your list of loves this week?


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