by - March 10, 2015

When I was younger I was very tidy and neat and put everything back where it came from. But as I gradually got older, these good qualities disappeared into thin air. My nowadays routine is just to put everything where there seem to be space (mainly clothes are always seperated from their hangers -both lying somewhere in space and time).

As I've said before my mum has often sacrificed some of her spare time to invest into my cleaning-system and giving me a hand or two by putting things where they belong (so clothes get to be reunited with their long lost hangers... oh how romantic...).

Anyway, there's no better time to let old habits die, or at least show them the front door, then when the temperature's rising. Owh yeah, spring cleaning has taken me by the neck! Together with -who else than- my mum I've tackled the masses that's somewhat located around my room and settled them into a "new" home. It's funny to see how little changes can make a big difference. We for instance did some book-roulette and found a somewhat pleasing way to put them on display. In the end not much is needed than some willpower, devotion, time and naturally stuff. Lots and lots of stuff (I'm a collector of stuff. All kinds of stuff, really. Just if it's stuff, I'm in for it).

Cleaning for me is often quite a hard thing to do because I really value all the things I own. I like my stuff, but I also like it to be clean. I've never been a minimalistic person (and will probably never be) and always get very attached to my surrounding stuff. It gives me this feeling of security. So by breaking this bond by for instance cleaning (and throwing stuff away), gives me this sort of distressed feeling. However, when I'm in the right mood I can find that willpower within me to get things sorted. And when it's sorted I'm way happier.

I very much do believe that your surroundings influence your state of mind. So mess in the head equals mess in the room and vica versa. Cleaning your room doesn't instantly means a clear mind, but every bit helps to get things sorted or structured in some way or another. Cleaning, man, better than therapy!


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  1. I do love a clean and tidy room.....
    It's always so much nicer to walk in to.....
    It gives me air to breath and to think.....

    love, Marjan