by - March 08, 2015

1. On the road again... | 2. Muddy boots | 3. Today we've opened our doors and sipped tea in the first rays of sunlight this year. | 4. Time to dust off the ol' sunglasses...

Today is (inter)National Woman's Day, but it hasn't really been on my mind to be honest. It's naturally a very good thing that there's a specific day that's been dedicated as a reminder to us all of the battles that we've won, of the battles that're still fought and of the battles that've yet to arrive. But I think one must consider that there are also such days within the long list of "special" days as for instance International Pizza Day (16th of February) and that beyond this day on common non-International Pizza Days, you still eat pizza. National Woman's Day isn't just for today, but should be for every day (although pizza every day is a bit much). As goes for all the other days whereby we should consider or think about our position in the world (and how this hopefully has developed and the socalled to do list will slim down to a zero percentage).

In other news: The weather has made a dramatic turn, amiright? Real spring weather here with sunshine and a cold wind that can make you shiver. We've taken quite the advantage of the current state of being. Friday we did some sewing (just normal plain grey weather), Saturday we went out and about (nice sunshine, bit chilly) and today we've just hung around, did some cleaning -more about that soon- and just general stay at home-ness (good sunshine, nice and warm).

I've got quite a few things planned for here on the bloggy-blog, but none -yet- executed (and I'm feeling a strong urge to just let it all hang out and let go for another day and another time). So keep your eyes peeled for that!


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