by - March 12, 2015

A sweet a day keeps the doctor away... or something similar. I personally don't have a particular sweet tooth. Never have been. But sometimes it's just nice to take a sweet and be contempt with it. However I've find it really hard to find sweets that are gluten free and without some sorts of fruits and nuts and whatever they put in those things. Little did I know that something like that was closer in reach than expected...

Who'd thought that Werther's Original were gluten free?! Not me, shall I tell ya! However they are and they taste absolutely lovely. They're very buttery feeling in your mouth, as if melting, but still are quite hard (it's something you really have to suck on).

The beauty photographed here isn't just any ordinary Werther's, but one that's filled with some other sort of glorious stuff (others say it's caramel, I say that it's a piece of heaven) that's again gluten free. Oh the glory! This one also tastes absolutely devine (and comes in handy when having a sore throat). I've slipped one or two into my bag so I can always have a Werther's when on the go. It's always nice to have a little something in your bag... (and I love the golden wrapping, makes them look like little gems).


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  1. We have lots of them.....
    There delicious!!

    love, Marjan