Sunday Summary Week 13

by - March 29, 2015

*swish swoosh glitter and confetti*

And... what do y'all think? It was a bit of a magic trick (especially because computer-talk sounds alien to me), but with a little help from the internet (Google gets what I need in time of crisis) I've pimped my ride. Owh yeah. 

It was quite a hazzle, especially when actually deciding to just do it. And then you do it and everything goes wrong and you're just sitting there crying to yourself "WHY DID I JUST DO IT???!!!!", "EVERYTHING'S RUINED!!" and my favourite "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!". But everything turned out fine. Just fine. (except for this weird thing whereby under the posts there's this bit with a picture of a woman who's not me and none-words scribbled at the side of it and I don't know how to change it or to get rid of it or idk burn it down and please help me please).

For a while now I was feeling that we needed a change (we in the sense of I, but I think we -I- can both agree on it). A new look means a fresh start (or an old start that's just trying to mislead you in thinking that I'm a profound blogging person who knows her shit. I don't know shit, but just looking like you're acquaintances must be good for business, amiright?). So what can you expect from the new and approved Fashioned by Pluche?

Basically the same ol' shit.

But that's alright, right? Right? Guys? Where are you going? Guys?

So yeah, new look and new stuff (maybe) coming your way. What do y'all think of it? You like it? (you better like it because there's been blood, sweat and tears into getting this thing running. Or more like slow motion walking).

Also look at my new notebook and mug, aren't they cute?


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