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Living in a material world
And I am a material girl
You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl

It's very confusing that the numbers of the days in March are exactly the same as in February. Or at least it was in February, now I think it's going to be no problem any more...

It's almost getting old, but my oh my, February's gone with the wind in an unbelievable high tempo. And I know that I typed last week that I'd make some more pictures of stuff that isn't like, actual stuff. But, as you might imagined when I started my previous sentence, I haven't done such a thing. Instead I've made some more (moving) pictures of stuff that I own that'll be coming your way sooner or later. Now I'd like to make a note that I'm not, in any way, try to brag about all the stuff I own. It's, to be completely honest, just the easiest thing to photograph when you don't want to leave your pj's. I actually am in search of new stuff, because I'm running out of things to photograph... First world problems, right? ;) Although it also must be said that I'm loaded with a bunch of other ideas (that in some way are less "stuff" related), but I'm just sincerely lacking in time. And it doesn't naturally help that February is mostly short for two or three days (damn you the 28th!).

On the other side, my room is an absolute mess and I don't know what to do with it. I literally can't find anything. It doesn't matter if it just lays right infront of my nose, because in some way or another everything does. My mother has been (madly) so kind to at least clean out the worst parts of it (CLOTHES EVERYWHERE). But somehow it doesn't really matter what I do, it stays a big cluttered, disorganized mess. So not really the perfect environment if you try to declutter your mind (ya know: tidy room, tidy mind or something similar...).

But instead of going on about my unsorted life, I'd like to type about a short film made/written by Tim H and Sammy Paul called The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright.

Peter Wright was about to bid the world adieu when 
his best friend and housemate Jenny walked through the door. 

Now this short film isn't quite like your ordinary short film. For instance the main subject it discusses is suicide. Now. That's indeed a big something. But the boys have handled this in such a way that makes you think about it in a different light. First of all, it's a comedy (ever thought using "suicide" and "comedy" together? Well, neither did I). Yesterday they did a Q&A to answer questions of viewers and such (as you do with a Q&A). And I believe, in some way, this has been quite enlighting. After I watched the film, I was totally swept off my feet (although I was lying in bed, so, ya know, so to speak). It's funny and intriguing and nonetheless inspiring. I felt in some way happy to be alive, if ya know what I mean.

During the Q&A (which I've joined an hour in) they first of all argue their drive behind making this film to get a discussion started in a less ordinary or judging way. Suicide is naturally not really a topic most of us discuss during breakfast or having afternoon tea. But it is a subject that affects almost everyone of us. Direct or in-direct. We're all very much aware that we'll die in some way or another and that there's a big taboo surrounding it (especially when this possible death might be self inflicted). I'm very much someone who tries to ignore anything surrounding such a topic (especially on the internet. The internet is a scary place, man! Be careful out there!), but maybe because in the way they've told the story (comedy is a very strong media to get a message across without scaring people away with like caps lock SUICIDE written over it. Like. That'd scare me away. Just imagine the people who are skimming this text and then see the word suicide written in caps lock. Makes you worry in some way. I guess). It's all also very much suggestive and uplifting in, again, a non-judgemental way. Which brings me to the second thing they both strongly held high, you can't talk for anybody except yourself.

There are many ways this film can be interpreted by someone, which gives you as a viewer the room to in some way project your own thoughts to it. Fill in the blanks as your mind sees it or has experienced it. Tim and Sammy, I may say Tim and Sammy, are also very careful in answering such a question of what's right or wrong, what's true or not. As a viewer you can experience the film through so many different layers and it's quite interesting to hear how others have seen it. The main thing they emphasize is that there's no definite answer. There's no magical solution how you for instance can see/experience the film and even in how to deal with suicide. They don't provide you with a solution of how to get rid of it or how you can "get over it", because basically there isn't such a thing like a basic format. It's something that has to come from within you, but you're not alone (which is the most important thing to remember when you're in any situation: You. Are. Never. Alone. Never ever.).

Life is complicated. There isn't one reason someone can feel the way they do and there isn't one solution on how to solve it (regardless of what "it" is). There was a question of why they haven't revealed why Peter wants to kill himself. The answer they gave was that first of all there are so many aspects to life and to a person that being in such a state of mind has never been caused by just one thing. Life sometimes gets in the way and sweep you off your feet, but it's important to remember that this can also be done in a positive/uplifting way (by for instance this short film. It may be something small, but it is something. And little something's together can make an enormous big difference. So don't underestimate something).

Right. The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright gives you thought for food (in a funny, unconventional and uplifting -who'd thought- way). It's important to talk about such subjects, doesn't matter how unconventional and difficult they are (it's funny, because there's a voice inside my head that's questioning every word I type because of the socalled delicacy of the subject in matter. I don't actually know what to say or do or whatever. I personally think that it's important to turn it into something positive and not something negative -somewhat like this film. Which is very hard when talking about for instance depression or suicide or anything that's quite the opposite of happy-preppy. But, I think, if you handle such a subject with the harshness it represents, it can give you a negative answer in return. Like a negative spiral or something. Give negative, get negative. Give positive, get mildly enthusiastic blog posts. See?).

Hope you have a nice day/week!


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